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Do you ever get used to it?

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ilovecherries Sat 23-Jun-18 10:26:55

I’ve lost over 5 stone after decades of being obese. I lost it slowly, about a pound a week for 15 months. I weigh every day, partly so I’m comfortable with daily fluctuations, partly because refusing to get on scales was possibly a contributory factor in the first place. No angst with that bit, hop on, hop off, job done for the day. But every day, I realise I feel relief and surprise that I’m not actually 16 stone again. It’s as if I expect to suddenly put it back on. Same with clothes buying (my new hobby grin). I keep buying things that are far too big. I can get my head round not being a 22-24 any more, but I still buy clothes in an 18 because I think that looks about my size, and keep having to return things. I feel like a fat person living in a slim persons body, and one day I’m going to be found out and kicked straight back into plus size. I thought it would settle, but it’s atill a daily issue. Do you ever just accept that this is you now?

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