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C section overhang or mum tum?

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AynRandTheObjectivist Tue 19-Jun-18 15:21:36

Which is it? How can you tell the difference? Since having a baby by section, my stomach is more curved than it used to be, but the flesh directly above my scar is still pretty flat. The roundness is more in the lower abdomen.

I guess it doesn't make a difference either way, but how do you know if it's section overhang or just the same post-baby tummy you'd have got even if you had a vaginal delivery?

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rubberducker Tue 19-Jun-18 16:05:51

Because an overhang literally overhangs! What you describe is not a c section overhang. I have a section of skin that hangs down to the extent that I can tuck things underneath it, it's really awful - and I am a size 10 regular gym goer usually (currently pg so bigger) so it's not a weight or toning thing. It's quite hard to describe but it's not called the mother's apron for nothing.

rubberducker Tue 19-Jun-18 16:06:51

If it helps to visualise, I can't see my c section scar, I have to lift the overhang up and out of the way to be able to see the scar underneath.

TroubledLichen Tue 19-Jun-18 16:13:08

How long is it since you had the baby? Have you also checked for diastasis recti (where your stomach muscles don’t come back together properly)?

AynRandTheObjectivist Tue 19-Jun-18 16:14:03

So it is when the flesh literally hangs down and creates an actual fold? I've never heard the term 'mother's apron' but I guess it makes sense as a descriptor.

Ok, I guess I understand now. Thank you.

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AynRandTheObjectivist Tue 19-Jun-18 16:14:19

Baby is about a year old now.

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