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StormcloakNord Thu 14-Jun-18 12:15:18

Help! I remember reading some people doing Huel.

So I bought some. Plan is to replace lunch with a Huel and eat relatively healthy outside of that.

What on earth can I do to make it taste better? I got the gluten free vanilla one... it's bogging. Gritty and tastes a little like cardboard. I only shaked it to mix it but have bought a blend active in the hopes it minimises the grittiness.

Argh, I want to keep going with it but it's minging!!

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lollypoppy123 Fri 15-Jun-18 06:23:37

I just started on this yesterday too! Not for weightloss but to increase protein intake as am vegetarian. I also plan to use it for lunch replacement only.

I bought the unflavoured unsweetened variety and blitzed it with three fists of frozen spinach, half a carrot and some frozen berries. I thought it was quite tasty actually and am looking forward to my next one!

I was stuffed until dinner time BTW so no snacking. Although this is not my objective, I'm two pounds lighter on the scales this morning. shock

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