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34 weeks and over 3 stone up

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Redheadmummy3 Wed 13-Jun-18 19:49:26

Hey everyone! I have put on a lot of weight in my pregnancy and it's only my first! It's really putting a downer on me now. I started at under 9st and now I'm bang on 12 with 6 weeks still to go😬 Is this normal and is it going to take forever for me to lose weight after? I thought with your first baby you were very small but my bump is massive! And my legs have put on quite a bit of fat. Not to mention my bubble butt has disaperared🙈 I'm so happy that my baby is growing lots but I can't help but think of what I'll look like after!

SarahBeeney Fri 15-Jun-18 07:16:33

I put on quite a bit with both of mine. I had to eat constantly for the first 3 months as I felt so sick. I then ate lots of doughnuts and bad stuff!
I wish I hadn't piled on lots of weight as it's been hard to get it off again!
Some of your weight we obviously be fluid/blood/baby and placenta.
Try not to beat yourself up about it,everybody is different and gains different amounts.

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