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What are your favourite low calorie treats?

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GenericDietCola Mon 11-Jun-18 09:21:21

I try to eat a healthy balanced diet, but usually save enough calories for a treat every day. My favourites are:

French fancy - about 100KCal
Aldi small chocolate bar - 150KCal
Sorbet - depends on portion size!
Liquorice Catherine wheel - about 65KCal

What are your favourites?

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slowrun Mon 11-Jun-18 09:27:55

Aldi do some mini chocolates (chocolate box chocolate type). I have a couple of those with a coffee. Their small size means I can have 2 instead of 1. I watch my added sugar intake and like to keep it under the NHS recommendations of 30g a day. These are lovely and round a meal off nicely. smile

GenericDietCola Mon 11-Jun-18 10:20:03

Ooh they sound nice!

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Peacefulbanana Mon 11-Jun-18 10:22:57

200 cals;

100g Skyr
vanilla protein powder
bit of almond milk to thin it back up a bit
frozen berries and pumpkin seeds

really really filling and tastes like cheesecake.

Ricekrispie22 Mon 11-Jun-18 18:32:13

Flump Marshmallow 30 cal
Curly Wurly 115 cal
Packet of iced gems 100 cal
Packet mini party rings 90 cal
Drifter 100 cal
Toffee crisp biscuit bar 100
Go Ahead chocolate covered pretzel bites 95 cal
Solero ice cream 100
Aero chocolate mousse 90 cal
Packet caramel snack a jacks 110 cal
Mini packet sweet and salty popcorn 80 cal
Soreen banana loaf 100 cal
Mikado Sticks 11 cal each
Alpen Light salted caramel 63 cal

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 11-Jun-18 18:38:59

Sainsburys Individual packets of Mini Rice Cakes, they do chocolate or yoghurt (tastes like white chocolate) about 140 cals
Cornettos - about 180 calories but feels like much more.
Fudge about 100 ish
Sunbites wholegrain caramel popcorn - about 65 cals

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 11-Jun-18 18:39:53

Oh and Cocopops bars about 80 cals

squidgesquodge Mon 11-Jun-18 18:42:08

A cinnamon & raisin bagel thin.
I can't risk a fondant fancy as I'll eat the whole pack

claire23rd Fri 15-Jun-18 13:49:49

my favourite is a Tesco caramel wafer. only 89 calories

iklboo Fri 15-Jun-18 13:51:30

10 cal jelly, Fage 0% or skyr yoghurt & some chopped fresh fruit.

BlondeB83 Fri 15-Jun-18 23:26:53


Mini vienetta ice cream lollies from Iceland - 65 calories and fab!

Seafood sticks

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk mini bars

Curly Wurly

Kit Kat 2 finger

Blondie1984 Sat 16-Jun-18 00:48:24

I've just found these new desserts in Sainsburys called Pudology - there is a Yuzu one and then a raspberry one - both are like 60 calories and the Yuzu one tastes just like the inside of key lime pie - so good

I really want to try that Halo Top ice cream as it's meant to be fab but haven't any room in the freezer at the moment

Chasingsquirrels Sat 16-Jun-18 00:50:29

Del Monte Raspvwrry Smoothie Ice-Lolly. 94 calories I think.

strawberrylove Sat 16-Jun-18 01:34:11

No added sugar Jelly! Yum! X

Chickenagain Sat 16-Jun-18 08:18:41

Apart from a mention of seafood sticks, all these "treats" are processed and full of sugar.

shapeshifter88 Sat 16-Jun-18 08:39:05

i love Skyr or Fage & frozen berries too

BerryBad Sat 16-Jun-18 08:41:37

Mini twister ice lolly - 45 cal
Tunnock's tea cake - around 100 cal

PurpleStarInCashmereSky Mon 18-Jun-18 22:06:52

Slice of crustless quiche
Salt and vinegar snackajack
Live yoghurt with berries
30g smoked cheese
One of those raw fruit and nut bars can't remember the name. Bakewell tart flavour is the best.
Frozen grapes
Bit of peanut butter on a slice of apple

Corcra Wed 20-Jun-18 21:33:14

Cottage cheese on crackers.
Rice cakes with peanut butter.

FATEdestiny Sat 23-Jun-18 18:45:14

all these "treats" are processed and full of sugar

I was thinking the same. Since I stopped eating processed food I have found that my ideas around treat/indulgent/comfort food has changed.

Between meal 'treats' will be drinks, since I only eat at meal times:

- really delicious coffee. Just flat white, nothing fancy. But delicious, rich coffee.
- A cup of steaming hot, skimmed milk when I feel the need for something soothing and comforting. Nothing added, just the milk.
- A caffinated coffee or tea if I need a pick-me-up. I generally limit caffinated drinks, especially after lunchtime.

Meal time 'treats' would be:

- desert spoon (10g) of almond or peanut butter with apple slices. Mmmmmm, makes me salivate just thinking about it...
- A spoonful of almond butter or peanut butter straight from the pot. (I love nut butters!)
- Plain yoghurt with fruit (rather than plain yoghurt or fruit, which doesn't feel like a treat)
- Ricotta filled mini-peppers. Ricotta filled anything actually.

FATEdestiny Fri 29-Jun-18 12:42:11

100g Skyr
vanilla protein powder
bit of almond milk to thin it back up a bit
frozen berries and pumpkin seeds

Oh. My. God.

I've just tried a variation on this, thanks to your suggestion Peacefulbanana. It is divine. Proper heavenly!

You said it tastes like cheesecake, it also has that amazing thick texture like cheesecake. Mine felt like eating a whole bowl of chocolate fudge icing!

I felt the need for more protein after my salad at lunch. So made this:

100g of plain low fat natural yoghurt
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (91 cal)
Two handfuls of blueberries

It is the most amazing thing ever! Must be under 200 cal. I wouldn't have it as a snack, but will definitely have again as a breakfast or healthy pudding. Thanks for the suggestion Peacefulbanana.

ErictheGuineaPig Fri 29-Jun-18 12:49:17

Why does it matter that they're processed? Op didn't ask for non processed food ideas, she asked for low cal food that she could have as a 'treat'. In the context of an otherwise healthy diet, a small processed food snack isn't the end of the world.

I also like a bit of cheese or some nice thick Greek yogurt and berries. Those Fiber one bars are lush for 90 calories and help keep you regular too 😁

flamingofridays Fri 29-Jun-18 12:55:36

Surely treats are supposed to be processed and full of sugar? If it was something healthy you have every day it wouldn't be a treat!

GreatWesternValkyrie Fri 06-Jul-18 23:52:09

Hartleys 10 cal jellies - actually around 4 calories and no sugar. They’re also quite generous for single pot so aren’t gone in an instant.

Waitrose1 chocolate hazelnut thins - 51 cals per biscuit, so delicious but not big so they need to be nibbled!

NewElthamMum13 Fri 06-Jul-18 23:58:03

Grapes, cold from the fridge.

Mini milk ice lolly - 30 Kcal

Activia yoghurts

1 or 2 tbps oats, almond milk, 1 or 2 tbsp Skyr stirred in. Really creamy.

Satsuma, cold from fridge
Fresh pineapple

Feta cheese, in any form!

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