Staying motivated to target weight

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EchidnasPhone Mon 11-Jun-18 09:08:39

Week 11 weigh in on Saturday & I’ve lost 26.1 of my 70lb goal but I’m feeling a bit flat & unmotivated & disappointed that it’s taking so long. Realistically I know it’s not ever going to be overnight and I’m doing well I just feel a bit meh.

So, tell me what you do to keep on track, milestone rewards, binge day, new clothes?

(I’m still not down a dress size I just fit more comfortably in my clothes 😆)

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Babieseverywhere Mon 11-Jun-18 22:27:38

You are doing brilliantly...keep on going smile

Maverick66 Mon 11-Jun-18 22:56:04

Don't be disappointed you have done brilliantly so far.

Think long term. Focus on Christmas. Nights out and being able to buy something sparkly and slinky instead of 'hide me black'

If you are feeling flat. Take a day off treat yourself and then move on.

claire23rd Fri 15-Jun-18 13:48:08

your doing so well Hun.

Ive only been on it a week myself and id love to be where you are right now smile

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