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No scales, no diet plans, just a healthier lifestyle. Anyone want to join me?

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bluechameleon Sun 10-Jun-18 22:25:16

I want to make some permanent changes to improve my health and lose some excess weight. I don't own scales and don't intend to buy some. What I am doing so far is:
- aiming for half of each meal to be fruit/veg
- reducing white carbs
- limiting sweet treats to a couple of times a week
- cutting portion sizes
My jeans are a little loose so something is working so far. I think it would help to have others to share this with. Would anyone like to join me?

gemdrop84 Mon 11-Jun-18 22:11:09

Could I join you bluechameleon?
I'm feeling fat, frumpy and fed up, had a full blow out food wise this weekend and I'm feeling hungover from food! I want to do all the above and drink more water. I'm aiming for a healthier lifestyle, any weight loss is a bonus.

bluechameleon Tue 12-Jun-18 20:53:28

Hi gemdrop. I'm quite pleased with how I've done today.
Breakfast: I had my go to breakfast of yoghurt, sliced banana, blueberries and seeds.
Lunch was a salad with mixed beans and sardines.
Snack: cherries
Dinner: stew made with chorizo meatballs, peppers, celery, onion, cannellini beans and tinned tomatoes, with basmati rice, asparagus and peas.
Pudding: homemade blueberry muffin (made with only 2/3 of the sugar)
I also walked for about 2 hours (with baby on front and rucksack on back!) around the zoo. I really need to make more effort to do things like this on days my walk-hating 3 year old is at preschool.
How are you feeling today?

buckeejit Tue 12-Jun-18 21:20:33

This sounds good. Even though I'm desperate to quickly lose my first 2 stone, (a lot to lose), I need to ignore the scales & focus on making better choices. More salad & fruit & veg coming my way & just started sober weekdays. Small changes building momentum....

gemdrop84 Tue 12-Jun-18 23:00:29

Wow you've done well! I'm still feeling a little bloated but taken my first steps today. I have had two pints of water today (plus cups of tea) had a banana this morning and a toastie with salad for lunch. Prepared a menu for the week and done the food shopping, got lots of fresh stuff to have and prepare. Looking forward to feeling less bloated and better in myself.

bluechameleon Tue 12-Jun-18 23:09:34

gemdrop that sounds like a good start. I think meal planning is pretty important - I tend to stare at the fridge and end up opting for pasta.

bluechameleon Tue 12-Jun-18 23:12:05

buckeejit Hello! That sounds like a good approach. If we can succeed in really changing our lifestyles then it is much more likely to stick than a diet. I hope you see some results quickly to help you feel motivated.

Eesha Wed 13-Jun-18 14:58:16

I made my main meal at lunch so I’m rarely hungry at dinner. I halved the amount of rice I cook now, bulking it up with veggies to fool myself. Bought one of those water bottles with times on the side so I’m now drinking 2l a day rather that one small cup. Took every sweet thing or crisp off the online shopping list, no temptation aside from kids biccies and I’ve got to be really hungry to have those! Feeling the difference after a week, skin much better, less bloated and better moods. Hopefully I see real changes on the scales, I have about 2 stones to lose.

bluechameleon Wed 13-Jun-18 17:04:18

eesha Those sound like good changes to make. I'm with you on trying to change the balance of veg and carbs in my main meals. I'm also planning to do a couple of vegetarian main meals per week. DH would take a bit of persuading to lose any more meat than that, but I'm hoping we could gradually cut down the meat and fish until it is a couple of days a week. I'll have to cook meat or fish for DS1 because he is pretty limited in what he will eat.
I've eaten pretty well so far today. I only had one biscuit at the breastfeeding group which is good for me! And I didn't have an ice lolly when DH and DS1 both had them.

applesandpears33 Wed 13-Jun-18 18:10:19

I've been trying to make some changes too over last seven weeks or so. I've increased the amount of fresh fruit and veg I'm eating, joined two fitness classes, started taking the stairs instead of the lift at work and been using my bike rather than the car if I'm travelling a short distance. I want to do something that is sustainable for me. I know if I went on a strict diet without making lifestyle changes I'd just put the weight straight back on again once the diet was over.

Eesha Thu 14-Jun-18 08:28:21

How's everyone feeling today? I'm honestly seeing big changes to my appetite with the increased water intake. I don't have much of an appetite now and hoping this transfers to my belly! Trying to look at exercises I can do at home whilst kids around. I never exercise but was thinking sit ups with my feet under the sofa!!!

bluechameleon Thu 14-Jun-18 10:27:58

Eesha something like this?!

bluechameleon Thu 14-Jun-18 10:33:38

DS2 is thoroughly embracing the 4 month sleep regression so I'm feeling pretty shattered all the time. This morning he was up from 5 and at 6 I handed him to DH and went back to sleep. He didn't wake up again until 8.30 so I'm feeling much more rested.
I'm taking the children to the shopping centre today. I'll need to think about where to go for lunch so I can make a healthy choice.

Eesha Thu 14-Jun-18 11:23:53

@bluechameleon I wish!!!

Myownwendyhouse Fri 15-Jun-18 07:27:10

One thing that's made a big difference for me was to roast my veggies. I found them boring before. But now they are just so yummy. I eat them on their own for lunch.

gemdrop84 Fri 15-Jun-18 08:03:54

Morning all, I'm feeling a lot less bloated, snacking/picking less and brighter too, onwards and upwards! Have a nice day at the shopping centre bluechameleon.

Eesha Fri 15-Jun-18 08:40:10

Great tip @myownwendyhouse. I used to do this ages ago but unfortunately with a ton of hummus.....might give it another go with roast chicken as a low carb option. What veggies do you do?

applesandpears33 Fri 15-Jun-18 11:58:03

I've been slowly increasing the amount of exercise I am doing and went out on my bike this morning. I am so slow and so unfit, but each time I go out I do see an improvement and can go up hills slightly faster. I think I have been losing inches from round my belly too because I can now wear clothes I haven't been able to fit into since last summer. My diet could do with some work though - you guys are all eating very healthily, but I have had a latte, cheese scone and a cheese twist so far today. I'll make sure I have a healthier lunch and tea.

Myownwendyhouse Fri 15-Jun-18 13:06:59

My not eating crappy foods is easy. I have so many stomach issues that the only good my body can handle is veg fruit and meat. Anything other than that is just awful. Ibs is crap. But. It means I don't cheat. As I pay huge amounts for it. But if I do it does tend to be very small amounts.

Eesha Fri 15-Jun-18 13:27:43

@ applesandpears33 great stuff, wish I could do the same. I saw a really large lady jogging on the weekend and I was so impressed. I love seeing motivated people who undoubtably will see the results. I think my belly and waist are reducing but haven’t weighed myself.

bluechameleon Fri 15-Jun-18 22:05:42

I opted for Yo Sushi at the shopping centre, and did choose nice healthy food for myself. However my 3 year old didn't like things I thought he would so I ended up spending a fortune! I was proud of myself for leaving most of his rejected food rather than finishing it off myself. He did have a lovely time with the conveyor belt though.
I'm impressed with all the people doing exercise. I'm trying to walk more but doing nothing more than that.

bluechameleon Sun 17-Jun-18 20:43:19

I've not had the healthiest weekend. Dominos on Friday night. Saturday was ok, and I got a bit of exercise at Socatots with DS1. Today had a croissant for Fathers' Day breakfast then went to a food festival. I chose a fairly healthy lunch but ate quite a lot of churros! I am finding it easier to make some better choices though e.g. I only ordered enough pizza for Friday so I didn't have it for lunch on Saturday too, and I only had one croissant this morning. Small things but they must make a difference!

katygemma Sun 17-Jun-18 23:43:43

Can I join in too!? I need someone/a group to keep me motivated right now. My DS just turned 2 on Wednesday and the reality set in that I have a toddler yet I’m still carrying baby weight.

bluechameleon Tue 19-Jun-18 21:32:20

katygemma Welcome! I've got a 3 year old and a 5 month old and I didn't shift any weight between the two so you're doing better than me if you're starting when yours is 2!

katygemma Tue 19-Jun-18 21:53:48

Thank you, I’ve had a pretty sh*t day and that actually made me do a lil smile of pride.
It’s hard, in a way I regret not starting sooner in terms of eating better cos it probably would’ve been better for my body and mind when I was sleep deprived. But on the other hand, I don’t regret a thing. I’ve spent the last two years putting my baby first and learning how to be a mum, so who bluddy cares if I ate dessert every night!

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