Losing the last half stone or so

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ShastaBeast Fri 08-Jun-18 19:25:54

I’ve lost and gained a few times but never got rid of the final half stone or so without then gaining a bit more back and not ever reaching my target. My weight loss seems to stall at this point and I get demoralised and start eating badly again.

I’m very tempted to push through this stall/gain by doing a super strict diet. Meal replacements are tempting as I don’t have time right now for planning, shopping and prepping food the way I should, at least for the next month or three.

Has anyone done this or found another way to crack it without sensible healthy food prep very long term? I should be able to get back to being more organised in September. I’m thinking of four to six weeks strict plan followed by six to either weeks half and half with low carbing as before. This strict plan also helps as I live with a diet saboteur who is a big part of my downfall. And I do exercise already but never found this helped weight or fat loss.

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