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Help me stop snacking!!

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xoguineas Wed 06-Jun-18 22:22:43

I'm trying to lose my baby weight and had been doing so well the past few weeks with cutting out bad snacks and cooking healthy meals from scratch. When out recently I had a chocolate bar and fizzy juice and now I'm right back at the start! I crave chocolate and crisps and all kinds of junk constantly and keep eating even when I know I'm not hungry. I tried to make a 'healthy' version of a chocolate brownie yesterday that I could dip in and out of to stop myself buying rubbish, but I've ate half of the 12 servings today alone sad I feel like I'm totally addicted to food and all the weight Id lost the past few weeks has just came right back on. Any tips on avoiding snacking? I've stopped buying in junk foods but I'm out most days and when I pass a shop I just need to go in and buy fizzy juice or something else full of sugar. I can't seem to stop myself

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mookinsx Wed 06-Jun-18 22:34:51

My main tips are
-chewing gum, the minty flavour stops me wanting sweet and takes my mind off food for a while
-breakfast bars, yes they are not the healthiest but better than a bar of chocolate. Ones with fruit or even a special K chocolate one to avoid the cravings yet still get the chocolate.
-water, I only really drink water and tea in a day. Or squash. I carry a bottle of water to work and then home again each day and this stops me buying a sugary juice
-avoid the shops, the only shop I pass first thing is full of school kids. I could easily get off a stop early and grab a McDonald's or Greggs each day
-goals and plans, give yourself a realistic stepping stone, for this will help motivate you

Do you work in an office?
If so you want some office friendly snacks or maybe you have a draw where you can keep things?
Ritz baked crackers are good
Fresh veg and dip
Rice cakes ( most people hate when these are suggested but there are ways you can use these to curb cravings) the snack o jack caramel are amazing!! And Sainsbury's (probably most supermarkets) sell rice cakes covered in milk chocolate and coconut, plain chocolate, yogurt, and yogurt with seeds. All very nice and healthier than other options
- more expensive options are the nut /shots/ you get in supermarkets
Seeds, nuts, dried fruit and some have chocolate chips
-another expensive one is naked bars, but DP highly recommends and they do all kinds of flavours for whatever you fancy

Good luck op thanks

xoguineas Wed 06-Jun-18 22:44:58

@mookinsx thank you for the tips! I had done so well to only drink water but now feel like I'm getting fed up with it. I will pick up the things you suggested, I actually really like rice cakes!

I'm currently on mat leave so feel like I just have too much time and find myself just eating non-stop. Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely try these

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strawberrylove Wed 06-Jun-18 22:47:38

try the app 12 weeks to Wow! Couldn't recommend it enough. It's based on hypnosis but it worked like a dream for me. I went 21 days without any sugar when usually I'd fail in the first 24hours. In those 3 weeks I lost 6lbs! The best thing about it is I don't even crave it. It costs £2.99 a month I think but well worth it! X

xoguineas Wed 06-Jun-18 23:30:58

@strawberrylove oh I've never heard of that, it sounds great! Thanks xx

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mookinsx Thu 07-Jun-18 21:49:03

You're welcome! I think some people just can't get through without a snack! I'm defo one of those people!
So instead of ways to stop the snaking I would always try to make it healthier. Stopping the snacks comes in the same way I feel. Switching to healthy ones and smaller portions. Will power. Only carrying one snack and having it when you need it (which is now what I do) some days I won't have it and other days I'm ravenous and need it and more!x

LizB62A Thu 07-Jun-18 21:59:35

I've stopped snacking in the evenings after dinner - I never used to back in my teens/twenties when I was slim, so I figured that might be part of why I have a weight problem.
I'm definitely eating less, and I'm not hungry in the evenings (I think I was eating out of boredom)

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