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SLIMMING WORLD 2007 - Thread 3. Fresh thread, fresh start, we will look good for summer!!

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BethAndHerBrood Mon 21-May-07 11:50:04

Right. Here we are again.

Good luck ladies, I certainly need it!!!

mistressmiggins Mon 21-May-07 18:07:55

creamy aubergine & potato bake

serves 4
4 large potatoes
2 aubergines
3 large tomatoes
fry light
2 eggs
4oz cheddar cheese
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1 tbsp dried mixed herbs

1. overn 200 / gas 6. Peel & slice pots & boil for 12 mins. drain & set aside
2. trim & slice aubergines & toms. spray overproof dish with fry light & place layer of tomato at bottom. cover the tomatoes with a layer of potato & finish with a layer of aubergine
3.lightly beat the eggs & grate cheese. mix together in a bowl with nutmeg & herbs. season & pour over the vegetables. bake for 40-45 mins or until veg are tender & top is golden & bubbling. remove from oven & serve

Syns per serving Green 0
(6 if not using cheddar cheese as Healthy Extra)

quadrophenia Mon 21-May-07 19:51:03

I did the sausage casserole tonight from the magazine a couple of issues ago, would have been lovely if i hadn't put too much chilli powder in it
On the bright side my trousers fell down today when i was bending down, can't belive its only been two weeks and already noticing a difference.

Nemo2007 Mon 21-May-07 19:58:30

OMG I have just had THE most delicious meal...DH made the syn free egg fried rice and we used chicken from HE and did it in a tandoori sauce from the RED syn free recipes...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

We have also now got syn free ice cream in the freezer..

BethAndHerBrood Mon 21-May-07 20:18:51

I think the bake thing sounds lovely. And when you've done it once, you could use allsorts of veg, couldn't you?

Nemo's DH - was the egg rice easy to make?

mistressmiggins Mon 21-May-07 20:22:07

syn free ice cream - tell me more!!

mistressmiggins Mon 21-May-07 20:27:14

oooh and what is the syn free RED tandoori sauce

tell me tell me

Nemo2007 Mon 21-May-07 20:32:54

Egg fried rice extremely easy it is on the SW website under lunch ideas and is tres yummy

syn free ice cream is VLF fromage frais and 2 muller light yoghurts. Add some sweetener and put it in a freezable container, stir every 30mins to stop frost gathering..superb!!

Tandoori chicken
2 chicken breasts
crushed garlic clove
1/2 level tsp tandoori powder
142g VLF fromage frais

make shallow diagonal cuts in chicken breast and rub in garlic. MIX fromage frais with tandoori powder and pour over chicken. Stand for 3-4hrs regularly turning chicken over.

remove from marinade and grill under medium heat for 20mins. Turn frequently and occasionally coat with remaining marinade.

mistressmiggins Mon 21-May-07 20:59:29

thanks Nemo!

Will be trying both those tomorrow!

themildmanneredjanitor Mon 21-May-07 21:27:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

andyrobo237 Mon 21-May-07 21:39:32

Helllooooo.....I am just starting this tomorrow - was hoping to get to a class but the best one clashes with a baby group we go to and the other one - the consultant is rubbish!!! So I am doing it at home - giving myself a month (until start of Jul) to lose 10lbs - which should be acheivable and if I havent done it, then I will have to pay and go to the classes! How much does it cost these days?? I will have to lok at the website and get some inspiration - bought a magazine today so using that as the basis of my health eating plan.

Need to lose weight else i will have to buy new summer trousers - cant really afford to as I am on mat leave and i also have some lovely summer trousers!!!

Bear with me and I hope to post daily - help me along the way pleaseeeeee.....

Nemo2007 Mon 21-May-07 21:41:45

ohhh will help you lovely as am just starting Class and joining cost me £9.50 last week. Although has anyone seen how much stuff goes for on ebay the new food directory goes for in excess of £20!!!! I put my old 2004 one on there and got £7 plus postage which has paid for my new one

pipsqueak Mon 21-May-07 21:48:33

apologies to teh old hands at SW but how does it work ? is it simailar to WW point counting? thinking of trying it as all my clothes far too tight

andyrobo237 Mon 21-May-07 21:49:24

It is true that you can buy and sell anything on Ebay - I bought a jute reusable ladybird bag from Tesco and jsut had a look on ebay - they are going for over £3 - they
only cost 97p!!

One of the mums at school runs three local SW classes, but it is on the day I cant really do (unless I stop going to the baby group - but need the adult interaction!!) - kind of thought that with it being someone i know then the motivation would be better! I seem to get on okay for the first few weeks, and then slip of the plan doing my amended version - which is not quite as effective! I know what I should be doing, but....

Anyway - positive vibes - will take it a day at a time - will need to do make a shopping list for tomorrow - we have a Lidl very close - so will be visting there more regularly - and I intend to cook one new dish a week!

Off to the bath now before DS needs a feed.......!!!!

Nemo2007 Mon 21-May-07 21:51:12

hows the little one doing andy?? One new meal isnt too bad and I have found it ok this week despite having to think about things more.

rachfran Mon 21-May-07 22:36:33

Where has my motivation gone?
I have 1.5 pounds to go for my first stone loss but can't stop eating rubbish.
I am on my 4th glass of wine, had a big slice of strawberry cheesecake and cream, 2 pieces of birthday cake (which is now stale!)and that is the tip of the ice burg.
Weigh in on thursday, can 3 days of following plan strictly make up for 3 days of pigging?

mistressmiggins Tue 22-May-07 07:17:43

did you know about flexible syns?

I ask cos some of my RL friends who go to different classes didnt know about it.

Our consultant says that you can have 10-15 syns a day which is about 105 a week. So if you have a party coming up, save up your syns.

Have to say it works for me AND motiviation wise, if you have a bad day, you dont feel like throwing the towel in - just add up how mnay syns you've used, and make sure you dont go over 105

themildmanneredjanitor Tue 22-May-07 08:38:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nemo2007 Tue 22-May-07 10:07:32

God I am lagging today..everytime I go into the kitchen all I want is everything I cant have. I think it is because I havent decided what colour day I am of course instead of being focused all I can think is mmm gingerbread men!!

themildmanneredjanitor Tue 22-May-07 10:08:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nemo2007 Tue 22-May-07 10:14:48

have had a banana, need to decide whats for tea as I then base rest of day around that

themildmanneredjanitor Tue 22-May-07 10:21:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ediemay Tue 22-May-07 12:42:09

Hi, has anyone else been quite up & down at the beginning? I have stuck to the plan for 3 weeks now - lost 1lb first week, 4 second and 1 this week.

Rooicosta Tue 22-May-07 12:51:09

Hi Ladies. I haven't been on here for AGES and I've noticed loads of new names since then, hi everyone.

Glad to see that everyone is focused, that's what I need right now. I've started again ready for my wedding in August, I've got about a stone to lose but God damn it, it's hard bloody work!!!

Just want to clear something up about the flexible syns. Your normal syns allowance is between 5 and 15 a day. Flexible syns are in ADDITION to this and shouldn't be used too often but just helps you out in that time of need, say a birthday meal out or a wedding do etc. Basically, if you're going out for a meal, you set yourself a syns limit, so for instance 50 syns (or as many as you like). You then do your best not to go over that amount of syns (though you could increase it at the time if you feel as though you're running out!). Then the next day you just carry on as normal and have your 5 - 15 syns. The whole point is that it stops you from falling off the wagon and blowing it completely. If you had to save all of your syns for one night, that's exactly what you would do & you'd end up eating bad for the rest of the week.
So, enjoy your flexy syns but remember they should only be used every so often (once or twice a month tops I would say) as any more than that and it would start to slow your weight loss down.

Sorry I went on a bit there but I don't want you ladies saving all of your syns, else you would feel so deprived and that's not what SW is about.

Anyway, hope you don't mind me coming back on here and offering some advice and hopefully you can give me loads too! I need some support and encouragement right now!

Joby1970 Tue 22-May-07 13:40:47

Hi everyone - special hi to all the newbies. SW is so much better then WW - you get lots more free food on SW!

Remember about exercising too.. my weight loss has slowed down & I'm sure it because I'm "forgetting" to exercise

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