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Nhs help?

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FoddyWaddle Tue 29-May-18 20:52:46

So today i was weighed at the hospital and I have gained another stone! So now i feel terrible, I have booked an appointment with my GP for in a couple of weeks time. Has anyone asked there GP for help?
I am complicated as i have some medical conditions that restrict my excersise to only a few types. Also my diet has an impact on one of my health issues so I need to be careful.
I just feel so stupid for letting my weight get so out of hand!

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B1rdonawire Fri 01-Jun-18 23:14:38

I did and they were great actually. Maybe not the fastest but you can't have everything... They offered me: regular support apts with their specialist nurse, some useful books, access to coaching for motivation (by phone), and there were other things that were on offer but not useful to me (weight loss memberships for 12 weeks, and sports centre memberships). I found the most useful part was probably the long term accountability - we made a plan, with a 12 month goal, and I knew someone would be checking in with me.

Is your GP fairly approachable and likely to be helpful? You could pre Google to see what support there is in your area, in case there's something that particularly interests you? Diet has been the most relevant part for me - it's nice to exercise and feel fitter, but it's what I eat that affects the scales.

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