Half a stone off in June

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MuddyForestWalks Mon 28-May-18 17:13:09

I have, sadly, gained 8lb of the 24lb I lost last summer since returning to work after mat leave. My work trousers are starting to get a bit tight blush so I am going to lose half a stone in June.

My plan is to sort of follow the 5:2 diet - 2days a week at 800 calories, then the other 5 will be 3 meals, no snacks, no carbs until dinner time. No alcohol. No seconds on the plate. No junk. I am tall, still breastfeeding, so have a pretty high TDEE, and I reckon that should be sufficient.

Anyone else joining me?

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travellingwithoutmoving Mon 28-May-18 17:25:16

Hi Muddy. Yes I'm in! Was down at target weight for first time since DC2 last summer but somehow (snacking/wine/) managed to gain 12lb again. Have lost 5 or so already doing 16:8 and myfitnesspal. Need to get the last half stone (or more would be nice) off before summer hols in July.

MuddyForestWalks Mon 28-May-18 17:53:28

Snacking and wine are the things that pretend to be your friends then bitch about you when your back is turned.

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Cineraria Mon 28-May-18 18:07:33

Oh yes please! I'm using My Fitness Pal and made a good start on losing some weight last month but now it feels hard going and last week was just a disaster, so it would be nice to have some company here too.

I think I put most of the weight on whilst ttc for no reason that I can work out and the rest since I had DS2 just eating sugar as a temporary cure for tiredness. Now he is on solid food, he isn't as refluxy and sleeps better, so I don't have that excuse.

TheLastNigel Mon 28-May-18 18:15:21

I will join. I went on holiday at Easter and have failed to curb all inclusive eating habits since. Wedding to attend on 30th June and I need to lose half a stone to look decent in frock.
I've done 5:2 successfully in the past so planning on that (though I think it's 600 calories a day not 800?) plus making sure to do my 10k plus steps a day and eating clean the rest of the time (except next Friday when I'm going to a festival so let's face it, it's not gonna happen smile)

MuddyForestWalks Mon 28-May-18 19:03:40

Its only a 'sort of' 5:2 though. I can't do as few calories as that, plus the diet allows more when you're nursing, and I'm aiming for a small (300ish) calorie deficit on the other days.

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LuigiB Mon 28-May-18 21:02:01

I’m here too - I was doing so well before Christmas but then went home to visit family and completely blew my new lifestyle out of the water, now I am really struggling to get back on track. I have a beach holiday planned for August and a wedding back home in September so I would love to get the extra weight off I am carrying around.

I really enjoy exercise but I also love eating and that is my main problem - I am 40 now but eat like my twenty year old self when weight just dropped off if I ate less for a day. I don’t think I could do the 5:2, although I like the thought of it, but I would love to cut out the snacking and junk. Going to start tomorrow!


FadingSomewhereInHollywood Mon 28-May-18 21:14:37

Can I join please? I've gained half a stone since January mostly due to stress/anxiety-induced eating and drinking. Also like Luigi I love eating which definitely doesn't help!

I've got an exam for a professional qualification coming up in a couple of weeks so could do with being held accountable as I have a tendency to say "fuck it" and eating rubbish!

I'm using MFP aiming at 1200 a day. Swimming at least once this week and need to get out for a run next weekend. Also aiming for 10-12k steps per day. However it is my birthday on Thursday so I will be having a day off then (good start eh grin)

MeganChips Mon 28-May-18 21:18:08

I’m in. I’d like to lose a stone before I go on holiday at the beginning of August.

I usually find dieting not too difficult and when I’m restrained lose ok but at the moment I have the Mirena and am on the pill and it’s proving very difficult.

I’ll give it a go though, I’ll aim for 1100 caps and use MFP.

MeganChips Mon 28-May-18 21:18:22


Gilbert82 Mon 28-May-18 22:32:39

I’m in too! I’d like to lose at least half a stone before my holiday at the end of June. I’m using MFP and aiming for 1200 cals a day. Also trying to increase my steps and aiming to exercise at least 3 times a week

MuddyForestWalks Tue 29-May-18 07:58:16

I know it isn't quite June yet but it begins today on a fast day.
No breakfast.
Chicken and chorizo soup, and a small bag of carrots for lunch (334cal according to packets)
Steamed green veg and a grilled fish fillet for dinner (veg is approx 60cal, fish about 240 give or take)
Some blueberries and strawberries, and a couple of cups of tea (100cal)

So just under 750 cal for the day.

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Devilishpyjamas Tue 29-May-18 08:14:33

Yep - just signed up to the the Jane Plan to start 5 June (see other thread), so will join.

This week I’ll start to get my head around snacking (so fruit and celery!) and am increasing exercise.

FadingSomewhereInHollywood Tue 29-May-18 08:43:53

That looks like a tasty day Muddy! I've never really thought fasting is for me but then I see how much you can eat id you way smart and it does make me consider it.

Today's food for me:
Breakfast - cup of tea at home, banana and a white filter coffee (semi skimmed milk) when I get to work. 115 cals

Lunch - last night's leftover turkey burger in a wholemeal bun. 470 cals

Dinner - curried hake (it was supposed to be cod but the hake was yellow label so a lot cheaper) with a mini garlic & coriander naan. 550 cals

Snack - two squares of milk chocolate after dinner. 68 cals.

Total - 1203 cals

I really think I need to get some fruit in to snack on - I love grapes and raspberries so think I'll pick some up at the weekend for next week. Will muddle on without them until then!

TheLastNigel Tue 29-May-18 11:07:42

Well I've had two eggs today. And I will probably have an apple for lunch at this rate as I won't get time for much more. And a quick tea as I'm driving north after work to see my folks-so hopefully not too too bad today! Won't get much exercise at all though which is annoying!

LuigiB Tue 29-May-18 13:04:02

No exercise here either, probably not tomorrow but hopefully towards the end of the week.

Today I’ve had homemade granola and banana for breakfast, salad with chicken, sprouts and cheese and some plain popcorn for lunch. Tonight will be chicken with whole meal pasta and grilled veges.

I am not going to calorie count because that weirdly makes me very anxious, and when I’m in that state I tend to graze and not feed myself properly so hopefully by just not having junk weight may start to come off.

FadingSomewhereInHollywood Tue 29-May-18 22:19:44

How did everyone get on today?

I stuck rigidly to my food intake but didn't quite make it to 10K steps due to the huge thunderstorm we had at lunchtime that put a stop to my lunchtime walking plan! I did walk to the next tube stop along after work though and walked back home from the tube instead of getting the bus so nearly made up for it. Finished on 9500 steps so not too far off.

Swimming tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to smile

WhenDoISleep Tue 29-May-18 22:34:26

I'm in - I lost 20lbs between 12 March and mid-May but have plateaued since. I'm on holiday this week, but will restart the weight loss on Sunday when I'm back home. I did it by logging everything I ate on MFP and for the first 4 weeks sticking to 1200 cal a day. So will do the same during June, which will hopefully eliminate any holiday gain and add another 7lb loss. It would great to finish June having lost just about 2 stone since March.

MuddyForestWalks Wed 30-May-18 06:54:24

Stuck to plan yesterday. A good start smile

Today is a 1700ish calorie day (my TDEE is around 2100 cal).
Breakfast- greek yoghurt, strawberries, blueberries. A tiny sprinkling of low sugar granola for crunch. 300 cal.

Lunch - TBD. Probably whatever soup the m&s cafe are selling.

Dinner - butter chicken, brown rice, steamed green veg. 650 cal.

Copious cups of tea. 100 cal.

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TheLastNigel Wed 30-May-18 08:45:50

Off the wagon last night and had a weird tea if two huge macaroons, a crepe egg and some smoked salmon. What on Earth is the matter with me? I used to be so good at eating well sad

TheLastNigel Wed 30-May-18 08:46:20

Creme egg. No idea what a crepe egg is!

Gilbert82 Wed 30-May-18 09:30:39

I did the same and ate lots of chocolate last night after doing really well during the day sad starting again today!

LuigiB Wed 30-May-18 10:20:07

I ate two biscuits last night that I had made for the dc after doing so well in the day. The problem I find at night is that I get tired and a bit bored and so I want to eat. I know people say well don’t have any crap in the house, but when you have a family I don’t think it quite works that way. Fingers crossed for today!

UrsulaBirken Wed 30-May-18 10:40:13

I'm signing in. I have zero will power and maybe this will help. Would LOVE to lose half a stone in June.

My plan is to only eat between 12 and 8, and to have something fairly light like chicken salad, yogurt and fruit or soup for lunch and to only have 'bad' carbs e.g. bread, potatoes with my tea. One small treat every couple of days.

I'm also drinking hot water with lemon and limiting alcohol to the weekends (not a big drinker anyway)

Sarahmill Wed 30-May-18 10:45:34

Hi i want to join too. Have lost the same stone many times over now in last year. Have lost it again now but finding going below that a struggle. I reach a plateau at this weight and then lose will power and gain it back.
My biggest undoing is eating the children’s food which they don’t finish as I hate to waste it 😫 also eating junk at night

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