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I'm no longer obese

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Teddybearonthewashingline Sun 27-May-18 13:12:42

Yesterday I made it JUST into the bmi range of over weight. Why a bmi of 29.6. So literally only just in there. But it's there. I've lost almost 5 stone. 2 more to go to get in the normal range as I'm 12 st 6 just now. I was 17 st 3 at heaviest.

I don't have many people I feel comfortable telling in real life. People are noticing my weight loss but I'm not making it public. I'm playing it down when they ask.

I find it hard to discuss in real life as not many people know that I used to be anorexic as a teen and v unwell. Then bulimic but functioned well for many many years. Then switched to over eating. Which is the one you get least sympathy for but it's the same brain process...using food as an emotional took wether you are over/under eating binging/purging/starving/over exercising.

I never thought this would be me posting this. Ever.

Name changed cos I feel a real shame about taking about over eating. I wish I didn't but I do.

Rainboho Sun 27-May-18 13:14:31

Well bloody done you! Its fantastic that you have decided to look after yourself in this way and done a bloody good job of it too! flowers

Etino Sun 27-May-18 13:15:22

That’s fantastic @Teddybearonthewashingline!
Well done! 💃🏻

Ski40 Sun 27-May-18 13:17:02



SureIusedtobetaller Sun 27-May-18 13:18:29

Fantastic- well done!! star

puppydogmummy Sun 27-May-18 13:18:44

Totally brilliant!!!!!! An inspiration to us all ❤️

Ginorchoc Sun 27-May-18 13:19:05

Amazing well done!!!! 💫 bet it feels good. X

PixieN Sun 27-May-18 13:19:40

Well done! Losing weight is hard. You’ve done amazingly! flowers smile

DuchyDuke Sun 27-May-18 13:20:18

Well done. I was the same when I went down from BMI 30 to 29 especially since, as a pear shaped person, I didn’t have any noticeable weight loss (that only came when I came down to BMI 27). Just give yourself a pat on the back, keep going, and then bask in the glory when you get to your goal.

Rocinante1 Sun 27-May-18 13:22:15

Congratulations!!! Well done OP!! You should be bloody proud of yourself. And you can absolutely reach your goal!!

You've recognised that you overate and you're doing something about it in a healthy way. There is nothing to be ashamed about in that. You will get to the healthy zone, and you will feel great and if you can do all that without reverting back to old ways then that is a huge triumph that thousands of people havnt been able to do. Do not be ashamed- be proud of yourself!

paddlingwhenIshouldbeworking Sun 27-May-18 13:24:17

That's brilliant, well done. Lots of people just don't understand how bloody hard a lifelong battle with food is.

DickTERFin Sun 27-May-18 13:28:12

Well done Teddy. Five stone is an amazing achievement.

What was the turning corner for you with your ED. I have also swung from chronic under eating/over exercising to overeating/under exercising and understand the lack of sympathy/understand for the latter, even though they are technically the same thing.

frasier Sun 27-May-18 13:31:09


How did you do it OP?

LiveLifeWithPassion Sun 27-May-18 13:38:12

Wow. That’s an amazing achievement. Well done!

NeverHadANickname Sun 27-May-18 13:39:16

Wow well done, definitely an inspiration

PostNotInHaste Sun 27-May-18 13:40:40

A huge well done, brilliant !!!!

bankhollnc Sun 27-May-18 13:41:56

That is fantastic! Absolutely well done to you!
Keep going!!! X

carameldecaflatte Sun 27-May-18 13:43:03

Well done Teddy, you are an inspiration! star bear star

athingthateveryoneneeds Sun 27-May-18 13:45:38

I needed to read this today, op. I am where you are and have been "stuck" at just below obese for ages. The thought of getting into the healthy range seems impossible. But, like you, I've come so far! I've been overeating lately but it's time to rein it in. I need to fix this.

Orchidflower1 Sun 27-May-18 13:53:43

Well done OP that’s amazing!! Keep focused and you will do this! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Smellylittleorange Sun 27-May-18 13:55:06

Brilliant! Well done! Ive battled with overeating and other eating disorders for years. I feel mentally in the right place to tackle my obesity now. This will really help! Ps i hate talking about weight too, people feel they can judge and make comments even more so when you loose it ! It made me feel ashamed and uncomfortable!

lonelyatchristmas Sun 27-May-18 14:41:27

Congratulations on your success... last jan I was over 18stone and today I weigh 12st4lb.. I'm still classed as overweight bmi wise but I'm happy with how I am... I've gone from a 22 to a 12 and I'm loving life..
It's such a hard thing to do so congrats on your fantastic achievement..

Bagadverts Sun 27-May-18 14:44:53

Congratulations- you are a star. Treat yourself to a bubble bath, new lipstick or something else just for you.

JontyDoggle37 Sun 27-May-18 14:45:22

That’s incredible. You shouldn’t be embarrassed, you should be proud. And you never know who else is silently suffering. If you tell people, you might help someone else like you.

Teddybearonthewashingline Sun 27-May-18 14:45:56

frasier I would love to say I did X and that was that. The answer is boring I eat less and move more. I know I know.

I came off antidepressants. I am NOT advocating you do this without taking to a Dr. But I had been on them many years and felt they weren't of great need but they are tricky ones to come off with "discontinuation" symptoms. Basically withdrawal but they don't call it that.

When on them I had a mad carb craving issue. I constantly wanted carbs. All the fucking time. Even if I had eaten a bit meal I would still want carbs. I could eat to the point of feeling sick. I never felt full.

As soon as I came off them I lost a stone in a month. So I don't think that was really me.

The biggest things that have helped are exploring my childhood traumas. Thinking about how they affected me. I'm very involved in ACE awareness and I was able to look at it from my pov. Watching the resilience screening video which I've now seen 3 times has really helped understand the psychology of over eating.

I've been filling the fridge with fruit and veg. To the point j have a whole drawer and shelf of it.

I built up walking. Downloaded podcasts and would walk for the duration of one.

Used my phone fitness tracker. Mine is s health. It gives rewards for walking or other exercise you do.

I don't track food on it as it makes me stressed. I have a few times when I needed a guide. But I don't do it daily. I'm very aware of not becoming obsessed with calorie counting.

Also what's helped me recently is I've been diagnosed with a shit autoimmune disease. I may need surgery. I want to be fit for that.

There's no easy answer. I wish there was. I know it's what all the books say but it's a lifestyle change. But I've done it very gradually. Do it overnight and it will fail.

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