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Any fellow knackered mums want to get into shape?

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ibuiltahomeforyou Sun 27-May-18 08:57:29

My DD is 13 months old - I lost two and a half stone after having her but have put half a stone back on since being back at work.

I have a sunny holiday at the end of July so would love to look half decent! I had a c-section so I'll be focussing on toning, exercise and maybe a few home beauty treatments.

I'm still breastfeeding too.

Who's in?

beforeihit30 Sun 27-May-18 09:36:53

I’m here! I can be a bit rubbish for checking in regularly on MN blush but will usually be around at least weekly!

I’ve had similar, I lost a lot of weight after DC2 but then started a new job (good job, but more hours, stress etc), managed to maintain for a while but had a particularly stressful time last year and put on about a stone. I’m an emotional eater... (something I’m trying to work through!).

I’m back to tracking my weight and counting calories as that works best for me (happy to share more about my approach). Have about 25 pounds to lose - about 12 pounds is the weight I’ve put on in the past year and which would take me back to pre-DC (but would still be overweight), the rest is pre-DC weight I was shifting and got sidetracked by having them.

ibuiltahomeforyou Sun 27-May-18 11:38:53

Good to have you on board @beforeihit30! I'm off to a baby shower today and am going to try to swerve the alcohol! I've also blow dried my hair and put moisturiser on - two things I rarely do recently!

I'm thinking of vaguely following Slimming World but I don't know whether or not I'll go to a class.

beforeihit30 Sun 27-May-18 14:01:47

@ibuiltahomeforyou That’s great, I think often (well at least for me!) we use food for treating ourselves but don’t do other stuff, like skincare, hair etc. Hope you enjoy the baby shower!

I’m counting calories, food-wise I eat high fat as it’s so much more satisfying for me and I don’t have cravings etc (gold top milk, full fat yoghurt, some fatty meat/fish, some lean). I cut added sugar and sweetener but just broadly, I’m not rigid with it - so no sugar or sweetener in hot drinks, mainly drink water, I don’t have regular sweet snacks. I had some sweet dessert yesterday which I enjoyed, a pastry and ice cream, but that will be the equivalent of once a week usually. I eat fruit, usually in the mornings, which is naturally sweet so I’ve not attempted to cut out all types of sugar or carb or anything like that, but have reduced the added sugar/sweetener and reduced the carbs (replacing with more veg, as I was getting too carb heavy and this was making me bloated, sluggish and I actually crave more snacks when I eat a lot of carbs, especially refined carbs like white bread).

I read a blog, can’t find it now, which spoke about understanding why you eat, what food makes you genuinely feel good/nourishes you, and thinking about that has really shifted my approach. For instance I really like berries but would never buy them because they’re expensive - but I enjoy them, they make me feel good, and they’re better for me than the chocolate I happily spent money on! So I’m now investing in berries instead of chocolate.

Prusik Mon 28-May-18 22:10:44

I'm in. I have a sixteen month old and a four month old. Two boys. Youngest is ebf and I'm mostly looking after both on my own as DH is currently refurbishing our house.

I've joined weight watchers but I'm absolutely shattered so just eating and eating.

I want to lose maybe about 2st and have no idea how to go about it and cope with the tiredness

beforeihit30 Tue 29-May-18 07:29:07

Hi @Prusik sounds like lots going on. Have you used WW before? I did it a few times some years ago, I found it helpful (but at the time didn’t try to fix my wider issues with food so would eventually gain again!).

I seem to have eaten too much over the bank holiday weekend hmm I was tracking but wasn’t particularly precise, and seemed to have reversed last week’s loss, which doesn’t seem feasible as I didn’t eat 7000 calories extra on the weekend grin but I try and look at the trend so will be more cautious and go from there.

I have a Fitbit and use Trendweight, which takes your weight from Fitbit and gives you your weight loss trend. I find I helpful as it stopped me thinking about each time on the scale and instead the overall.

I suppose I should do some sort of check in (to hold me to accoun!). I would like to be 140 pounds, at least, by March next year - although I’ve set myself December as my aim as it roughly equates to one pound a week loss. I’m currently 167 pounds. I want to do it steadily and sustainably, but I do want it to shift!

Last year I was 153 pounds and I’ve gained a stone through eating bad food when stressed, tired, busy etc sad so I’m trying to take better care of myself generally too (hair, skin and so on).

MuddyForestWalks Tue 29-May-18 11:44:51

OP my DS is 14 months (I have a 3yo DD as well) and I have also gained half a stone since going back to work in Jan. I also have a horrid wobbly CS tummy. My holiday is at the start of Sept, I want to shift this half stone in June then another stone hopefully by September. Also, as I look like shit, I will be getting my hair coloured and have ordered teeth whitening strips.

beforeihit30 Tue 29-May-18 23:03:56

Hi @MuddyForestWalks.

I got new scales today (last ones broke and it’s been a couple of weeks) and reminded me just how much difference having scales makes to perceptions of portion size! Didn’t think it would have skewed that quickly but it has!

ibuiltahomeforyou Sat 09-Jun-18 09:24:28

I've sent my DH off to the supermarket to get healthy food this morning! Going to try to do MUCH better. The key for me is sugar I think, I have massive cravings!

Waitingonasmiley42 Sat 09-Jun-18 09:44:56

I am 5 months post CS and still ebf. Still have about 10 pounds to lose and desperately need to tone up. Husband works away so only get to gym once a week sometimes. Really need to start doing exercise in the house but also have 2 year old so very tired.

Have no motivation sad

Kittykat93 Sat 09-Jun-18 09:55:42

Think I need to join this! I have a 7 month old and really struggling to lose the weight. Although he's a good sleeper I'm shattered constantly. No motivation. Too many takeaways as can't be bothered to cook! Have about a stone to lose. Going to do a food shop today and only buy healthy things.

ibuiltahomeforyou Sat 09-Jun-18 11:34:37

Welcome @Waitingonasmiley42 and @Kittykat93!

I am still breastfeeding too (I think otherwise I'd have put back on all the weight so far i carefully lost on slimming world!

I am ADDICTED to sugar. Absolutely addicted. I am so tired that I crave it whenever I am feeling a dip. I bought Michael Mosley's no-sugar book but fell pregnant after cooking one recipe grin so I picked that up last night.

I've decided to make a list of really quick, healthy meals that we can get on the table within minutes. My DH is a brilliant cook which doesn't help my shape!!

Waitingonasmiley42 Sat 09-Jun-18 12:12:23

Did anyone find that they got more hungry the older baby got? The last week I've just constantly been hungry and lost a pound despite eating terribly! Going to try and do a few hiit workouts this weekend and get to 10,000 steps a day.

Kittykat93 Sat 09-Jun-18 20:41:15

So my plan this week is to skip breakfast completely, have a ham salad sandwich on granary and a cup a soup for lunch, and then have chicken breast, veg and new potatoes for tea. Every night. This totals around 1000 calories which is a lot less then I'm having at the moment. Day one done and I'm still hungry sad I know I need to do some exercise aswell but no idea what!

ibuiltahomeforyou Mon 11-Jun-18 07:24:11

Ok I'm on day one of the Michael Mosley diet... wish me luck!!

ibuiltahomeforyou Mon 11-Jun-18 21:55:17

I think I did really well today!
Chia pudding for breakfast, roast chicken as a snack and chicken salad for lunch, then lamb meatball from the blood sugar diet book for dinner - delicious!
Also went for a plod around the park at lunchtime.

DaisyChainsForever Mon 11-Jun-18 22:17:52

Can I join you ladies? I'm 9 months post c section and still breast feeding. I used to exercise a lot and eat really healthy, now I'm addicted to sugar and constantly tired! 🙈

Waitingonasmiley42 Tue 12-Jun-18 14:44:53

Well done ibuiltahomeforyou that sounds really healthy.

I'm the same with sugar daisychainsforever and constantly having sugary drinks or snacks.

I managed a run at the weekend and hoping to do a few this week. Diet hasn't been great but meals have been smallish.

Scrumptiousbears Tue 12-Jun-18 16:07:33

Can I join. I have a 2 and a 4 year old and since my youngest was born and some weight loss I've put on 4 stone. I'm so ashamed and don't know where to start. I used to love the gym and went 4/5 times a week. Now I've lost my way and don't recognise myself. What's more my oldest will start school in September and I don't want to be that fat mum and he be bullied for it. My partner works shifts and I work full time so I literally can't manage to get back out to the gym what with childcare etc so I have to do it by diet alone. I've done SW with good results but I can't seem to get back into it.

ibuiltahomeforyou Tue 12-Jun-18 19:24:24

Welcome @DaisyChainsForever and @Scrumptiousbears!

The sugar is the killer for me too! I lost two and a half stone on Slimming World last year but stopped going when I went back to work.
Day two of no sugar today and I am quite tired but otherwise fine.

DaisyChainsForever Tue 12-Jun-18 20:41:42

I've gone cold turkey on the sugar today, no fizzy drinks or chocolate/sweets. My head is pounding, think it's going to take a few days to adjust. Made sure I got my 10,000 steps In, so feeling good about that.

Scrumptiousbears Tue 12-Jun-18 22:17:54

I'm joining SW on Monday. I'm not looking forward to the first weigh in.

ibuiltahomeforyou Wed 13-Jun-18 14:24:00

@Scrumptiousbears the first one is easy, you need to wear an overcoat and hobnailed boots to be as heavy as possible for the first week's weight loss!! grin

DaisyChainsForever Wed 13-Jun-18 17:05:36

👆🏻👆🏻 ha ha ha!

Scrumptiousbears Wed 13-Jun-18 21:41:29

Definitely going to have my last "eat what I like" pig out and it all starts Monday 🤞🏻

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