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Weight loss after birth

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Smarshian Thu 24-May-18 07:58:04

Hi all, I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant with baby no.2. I'm wondering about how quickly I might lose the weight after baby is born.
With my first I put on a lot of water weight and really swelled up, which hasn't happened this time. At the end of my last pregnancy I was 14.5 stone (5'4"), but lost 2stone 9 pounds within 2 weeks (including baby(!)) and then slowly got down to 11stone4pounds by about 8 months pp, when I got pregnant again 😂.
Before my first baby I was 10stone2pounds which is my eventual aim this time but just wanted to put a reasonable time frame on getting to say 12 stone, then 11 stone etc. I'm currently 37+2 and 12stone13pounds.
Any insight into how quickly you lost weight would be good - or ideas of reasonable time frames. Baby no.1 was 8lb12 born and this one is tracking at a similar weight according to growth chart.

Smarshian Thu 24-May-18 12:07:41


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