Anyone else feel physically uncomfortable?

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GerddwrEryri Fri 18-May-18 16:24:47

I am technically no longer overweight according to my BMI but I'm only 5 ft, weigh 8 st 11 lbs and feel overweight.

Whenever I'm sat down I feel physically uncomfortable around my belly area. I have two rolls of fat that seem to scrunch up when I'm sat down. Does anyone else feel physically uncomfortable like this?

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PumpkinPie2016 Sat 19-May-18 06:43:37

I know what you mean!

A few weeks ago, I we 10st 7lb and I am 5ft 4in so was just in the overweight category.

That first week, I lost 6lb which put me in the healthy range but I still felt too big as my clothes felt tight still.

I am 9st 7lb now and feel quite good but want to lie another 7lbs to be where I want and then I will maintain.

It's about what feels right for the individual I think as people carry weight differently.

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