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Bored and craving

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MissCharleyP Tue 15-May-18 17:23:32

Actually that should’ve been my user name!

Posting as I lost weight (about 2 1/2 stone, no idea what I weigh now) over the last year with a PT, classes, a gym challenge. Was really chuffed with myself and very grateful for the support I got at the gym. A couple of months ago, I started PT again, just now focusing on weight-based stuff to improve my look (drop body fat but gain weight basically). I was on a high-ish amount of calories (2000) compared to previously. Into the next phase, my calories have dropped again but my PT has said to cut out dairy and I’m struggling 🙁. I never used to crave dessert as I used to have a big cup of milky tea or just milk after dinner and I was satisfied. Now I’m not having that and craving sweet stuff all the time. I’m also finding it hard to balance my macros as its so fucking hard and time-consuming to work it all out and some days I’m eating quite small portions at meals as things like steak and salmon are high in protein but also high in fat, so I end up just having half! I’m also having weird combinations just to get the macros in like this morning I had scrambled egg and turkey rashers (protein) but then had to add nuts for the fat as I’m sick to death of avocado (and had run out of them) as the only foods I can eat for fat are nuts, avocado, olives and seeds. No way would I have olives at breakfast and I’m not keen on seeds as part of a meal to be honest. Any advice? Should I just tell PT I need to relax my diet a bit as I’m now finding myself eating the wrong sort of foods more and more. I’m also told to stay clear of shop-bought sauces as they’re full of rubbish but I find it impossible to eat bland meat like chicken and turkey without any flavour. I’ve always had a ‘cheat’ day but now that a cup of bloody tea is a ‘cheat’ I just feel it’s a bit much. Help!

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Wildlingofthewest Tue 15-May-18 17:27:45

Speak to your PT - you need a meal plan that’s realistic for you, if your struggling with it this much then it’s just to going to be feasible long term.
Have you tried alternatives to milk? I used to use almond milk for example.
You can do a lot to flavour chicken/turkey without using shop bought sauces! Google is your friend! Oil and chopped up chillis, lemon and mixed herb rub are two that I use.

MissCharleyP Tue 15-May-18 18:03:18

Thank you, I see him tomorrow so I’ll talk to him.

The only dairy alternative he’s said I can have is coconut milk, I don’t mind it on Porridge but it doesn’t have the same effect as proper milk in tea! It’s not creamy at all and when I’ve tried it the tea looks like something I’d use to fill in potholes!

Thanks for the tips, I’m not very imaginative with cooking. I used to love stuffed chicken with quark wrapped in bacon, I’ll definitely try your suggestions!

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