Belly looks pregnant and headaches whenever I diet!

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EverybodyLovesAShow Tue 15-May-18 15:45:00

Hi everyone!
About 3 years ago I got myself down to a healthy weight that I was happy with, around 9 stone being 5ft 4, even then after losing weight my stomach still stuck out like I was pregnant unless I was holding it in.
Admittedly it was no where near as bad as before I lost weight but it still looked strange and not in proportion with the rest of my body but I just held it in and wore loose fitting tops.

Anyway fast forward to now, 1 child later and I've gained a lot of weight, I'm 11 stone now and feeling really rubbish about myself plus my belly is back worse than ever. Now I have a pooch after a c section plus a tire of belly fat AND the sticking out belly that now looks 9 month pregnant! Is this nomal? Does anyone else have a permanently bloated belly?

So anyway, every time I get fed up of feeling down about the way I look and try to start eating healthy I get really bad headaches about 3 hours into the diet that just do not go away! I remember this the first time I lost my weight and the headaches lasted about a month and then I guess my body got used to the diet and they stopped. But I can't cope with a months worth of headaches now that Im trying to diet with a 16 month old! I've asked people I work with if they get headaches when they diet and they thought I was making it up as an excuse so I wouldn't have to diet! Is there any way of not triggering these headaches?

Thanks in advance!

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EverybodyLovesAShow Tue 15-May-18 16:59:08

Any one?

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ALiensAbductedMe Tue 15-May-18 17:04:39

Is there anything in particular you give up which could be causing withdrawal? I get headaches when I first give up caffeine but not usually just from dieting alone.

MissCharleyP Tue 15-May-18 17:05:22

Could be sugar/caffeine withdrawal? Try drinking loads of water (add fruit tea bags if needed - they’re nice cold), have a Nakd bar with Greek yoghurt as a snack - sweet hit without the rubbish! I sympathise as headaches are the worst, try 4 head, I find it helpful that and getting some fresh air and time away from screens.

I lost weight last year using a PT who did me an exercise and nutrition plan. I wouldn’t have done it without him, is that something you could do?

LineyGrantDuff Tue 15-May-18 17:17:12

You need to make sure you're fuelling your body as well as dieting. Are you levelling out your blood glucose, or spiking and dropping it like a stone? Drinking enough water? Looking after your vitamins and minerals?

Or as pp have said, caffeine ^^

EverybodyLovesAShow Tue 15-May-18 17:53:41

I have always drunk plenty of water so I'm sure it's not that. I wonder if it's a sugar withdrawal. I make sure that the foods I eat are balanced in all proteins and minerals as I'm a vegetarian so have always paid particular attention to making sure I get the right nutrition (I'm drawing from when I was on my diet and losing weight, since having my DS I've not paid attention to anything and have just been grabbing quick snacky junk for the whole 16 months which is where this 2 stone has appeared from).

I have never drunk coffee so unless it's a caffeine withdrawal from tea I really don't know!

I've had about 4 migraine relief tablets and a paracetamol so far today and I can still feel the headache there but it's keeping it at a point where it's manageable.

Trying very hard not to sack it off on the first day just to make the headache go away. angry

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Dodie66 Tue 15-May-18 17:57:48

I just looked on google and you can get headaches from sugar withdrawal so that might be it. Cut down gradually instead and see if that helps


MissCharleyP Tue 15-May-18 17:59:34

Could be from tea...but there’s nothing wrong with having a couple of cups a day. One tip I was told for headaches is to massage the triangle of skin between your thumb and finger, sound mad but does work! I also got my daith pierced as I used to get migraines, it’s a bit drastic but I’ve had far fewer since.

LineyGrantDuff Tue 15-May-18 18:04:00

If it's sugar withdrawal, that can feel pretty grim tbh.

EverybodyLovesAShow Tue 15-May-18 18:08:02

Hopefully they'll go away within a few weeks like last time, it's just making it to that point that I'm struggling with.

I've always wondered if the daith piercing actually did anything to help headaches or not. At this point I'd try anything! Headaches are horrible.

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endofagain Tue 15-May-18 18:11:15

I do think you should see your GP and get your abdomen and pelvis checked., just to make sure there isn't something causing the swelling.

EverybodyLovesAShow Tue 15-May-18 18:22:02

I have been wanting to be checked by a GP as I can remember having a massively bloated belly from about the age of 13 onwards and I noticed none of the other girls in school had it but I thought I was just fat. grin But when I lost weight and it was still like that I wondered if there was something wrong.

It's weird because I can suck it in and my tummy will go flat but once I relax it sticks right out from right under my boobs all the way down to my c section scar! Like a proper pregnant belly!

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MyFamilyAndOtherAnimals1 Tue 15-May-18 18:34:25

Hello OP, I have the same issue; I look 9 months pregnant most of the time!! (Fyi I'm 5'6" and just under 9.5 stone). I wouldn't say I'm allergic or intolerant to any food types however, if I only drink plain water and eat low fibre salad then my tummy stays flat. However, as soon as I have anything else to eat (especially anything with artificial sweetners, or any bread product) then it goes 'pop'! I think I've got IBS and perhaps you have too?

myhousesmellsofIKEA Tue 15-May-18 18:35:55

Your headaches sound like sugar withdrawal, so maybe cut down gradually. I hate to say it, but I’ve found it much harder to diet since having 2 kids, I just need so much more energy to look after them, and I get it from my food!
On your bloated belly, do you have any intolerances? I used to work with a girl who was lactose intolerant. It never made her ill, just really bloated. As you say you’ve always had it maybe you could try cutting it out and see what happens?

DaisyChainsForever Tue 15-May-18 18:38:52

OP i had a daith piercing for migraines - it made no difference. It looks nice tho ☺️

MissCharleyP Tue 15-May-18 18:53:57

My daith piercing hasn’t totally got rid of my migraines but I have far, far fewer than I used to.

userofthiswebsite Tue 15-May-18 19:24:17

Likewise OP. I have never been, nor am I, expecting but always my tummy sticks out in that kind of way. I don't know if it's bloating or just that I store loads of fat on that one particular area.

Racecardriver Tue 15-May-18 19:26:41

If your belly is sticking out then it is most likely because your muzzles need toning. You need exercise not dieing. The headaches may be due to low blood sugar or withdrawal symptoms of you have a sugar addiction.

EverybodyLovesAShow Tue 15-May-18 19:47:10

Might be an idea to cut out certain foods to see if it's what's bloating my belly!
I showed it to my partner the other night fully relaxed and he was shocked and asked me if I was sure I wasn't pregnant. blush

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Carrotcakeorchocolatemuffin Tue 15-May-18 19:59:01

My stomach is like this too! Always has been no matter my weight/size.

OohOohMrPeevly Tue 15-May-18 21:31:03

Definitely sugar withdrawal - it's the worst headache ever. Have a few berries and that should keep it at bay.

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