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Needing to lose so as not to feel lost

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OohOohMrPeevly Fri 18-May-18 07:16:43

Newark, I gave up sugar and it changed my life. Not only did I lose lots of weight but my appetite shrunk dramatically as what I thought was hunger turned out to be sugar addiction. It can be done and now I never have sugar at all in anything and it's fine because I much prefer being slim again. In order to do it you might need to take a few days off work (if you work) as there are some bad headaches to start with but once you're through the other side it feels amazing.

Newark Tue 15-May-18 15:22:24

Thanks Martinimonster really useful information. Do you go to a meeting or are you an online member?

And if you are a RL member, do you get free access to any online tools?

Finally, as we're the same height and have a similar amount to lose, although you've got a head start on me, do you fancy buddying up and supporting each other? As you say, it's going to be a long haul thing.

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Martinimonster Tue 15-May-18 15:17:01

I'm your height and 4 stone overweight so I know just what you mean.
I started slimming world last week and have lost 5lb.
There is no easy fix, it will take a long time to come off. It will be a struggle but you either want it or you don't.
I've decided this is the time i lose the weight and no doubt I will have days I fall off the wagon too.
With slimming world I've found I can eat what I want but it takes the bingeing out of it. I only need to count the bad stuff like sweets choc and crisps.
The other day I had an ice lolly, 2 packs of crisps and a can of cider within my syns. I still had decent meals in amongst that.

I would give it a go.
Unlimited pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit and veg. Unlimited fat free yogurt. Unlimited lean meats.
A small amount of bread or cerial a day and a small amount of dairy but still decent amounts. and you get usually 15 syns a day to use on your treats.

Newark Tue 15-May-18 14:58:47

Bumping this for the daytime crowd. Would love some guidance smile

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Newark Tue 15-May-18 01:53:05

I'm 45 and I feel I've lost myself within a shield of fat and I want to break out. I could look really good, I'm one of those women people say "you have a pretty face" to, but when I catch site of my body in the mirror I wince. My stomach and breasts and thighs are huge. I have a massive C-section overhang. I want to be svelte and sexy and wear wispy lingerie and high heels and turn heads. I used to, but if I do these days it's probably for the wrong reasons.

Although my weight has stabilised in the last year and I haven't gained any more, I'm 4.5 stones above a healthy weight for my height - 5 foot 3 inches.

I've had enough of being like this. And I know, as I type this, that it's not the first time Iv'e thought it. I've wanted to lose weight for the past 20 years. And I have, and then I've gained. And gained. Had cancer leading to early menopause, so that doesn't help. Now I'm exhausted and drained, with no motivation or energy, and part of me feels like life is over. Food does and has felt like my main comfort in life. It's how I treat myself.

I am not hungry during the day and can go most of the day without the eating and then I binge at night. I have binge eating disorder. I'm addicted to sugar I think.

I feel I need to find 'me' again, and part of that is losing weight. I've downloaded a weight loss hypnosis mp3. As for what else to do - I don't know. This is where I'm turning to you. Calorie counting doesn't help; I can't feel I'm depriving myself too much because of how food was withheld from me as a child. I've lost weight with WW in the past but put it back on. I think the 5:2 will be hard given I'm in menopause (although on HRT) and need regular energy ... not that I eat regularly as it is of course hmm I've heard Slimming World is good? I have problems with sticking with things so the social aspect and commitment might be good?

I treat my body badly and I need to find a simple of way of healthily nourishing it. All advice and support greatly appreciated.

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