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Zero Willpower

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ReigningChaos Mon 14-May-18 22:54:04

I have about 2 stone to lose. Any more than that would be nice but 2 would be my aim for now.

Through stress a number of years ago I lost some weight, now I've gained it .... plus some .... back again.

I am unhappy. I have a belly, muffin-top. I have fat face (which really bothers me). Very few of my clothes fit and I feel horrible. My skin is suffering too, red and blotchy.

So why isn't this enough to stop me eating? Why do I insist on reaching for that piece of cake... those biscuits... ? I literally have no control.

I don't go to the gym or anything but I do walk everyday so I am moving.

What the hell will it take to make me stop?

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Kingsclerelass Tue 15-May-18 01:16:50

All sorts of reasons and all of them are a real pain. For a start, carbs are a natural sedative - so when you are sad or stressed your body seeks calm comfort - ie biscuits as far as I can tell.

I found two things helped, on food, increase the protein and veg at meal times and cut out the pasta/white bread. Don’t buy biscuits so they aren’t there when the sugar-cravings hit at 9pm.
Have non-biscuit snacks easily to hand like home-made fruit salad, or hard cheese and baby tomatoes. Make it in advance so it’s the easiest choice in the fridge.
And the other thing - When I was walking.home, I’d start at one particular house and jog to the next driveway. Each day I tried to jog one drive further ( not always successful) but after a year I am jogging the last 500 metres daily. Now we have a shower at work, I sometimes jog round the local rugby pitch at lunchtime. Wear decent trainers or your knees/ankles will ache.
I can do it all discreetly and not waste my evenings in a gym. And no fees either. smile.

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