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Sudden hunger

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ppeatfruit Mon 14-May-18 14:42:46

You're welcome ! I gave up ONE cup of ground coffee a day and I got a headache to beat all others! Apparently green tea has some caffeine in it to help with the withdrawal symptoms of too much tea or coffee or sugar ! I also have some molasses in my ginger tea which is actually healthy and gives me that sugar hit without needing a lot!

Oh and after stopping the daily coffee I lost nearly a stone (and I wasn't trying to !!).

Hidingtonothing Mon 14-May-18 14:25:46

Thank you smile I've lost about a stone and a half in 6 months-ish so it does seem to be working, only another 3 to go hmm Yes to the headache! I actually had to go and lie in the bedroom in the dark at one point (unheard of for me, DH was actually worried) and paracetamol did nothing. Any idea if there's anything I can do to avoid/improve it or do I just need to wait for my body to adjust do you think? Didn't think I'd cut down that massively tbh, have never eaten masses of obviously sugary stuff and didn't think I'd changed anything enough to cause such a big reaction confused

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ppeatfruit Mon 14-May-18 14:12:53

Did you have a headache as well? I reckon that it could be a sugar and or chocolate craving.I always make myself a good cup of ginger or mint\green tea and or large glass of water to deal with the hunger pangs !!

btw it's the best way to lose weight, just to do it slowly, congratulations! grin

Hidingtonothing Mon 14-May-18 13:00:05

I'm not dieting exactly but have been making some changes to my diet over the last few months and am (slowly!) losing weight.

All I've done is gradually cut portion size, gone for healthier options (so less fatty and sugary stuff and more veg etc) and increased water intake. I haven't done anything suddenly, it's all been gradual but in the last few days I'm noticing periods of really intense hunger. I've never had anything like it, I feel almost desperate for food and it isn't always immediately solved by eating.

Yesterday for instance I was cooking a Sunday roast for tea, had eaten normally the rest of the day but suddenly felt desperately hungry well before it was ready. Had a good sized dinner and still felt ravenous afterwards, caved in eventually and had a bit of chocolate which did seem to sort it so I'm wondering if its sugar related in some way, I have cut down on sugar quite significantly. Any thoughts what's causing it and how I can combat it without resorting to chocolate? blush

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