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Clothes for size 16/18 pear shape??

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strawberrylove Sat 12-May-18 12:42:46

Hiya, I'm going shopping this afternoon.
I'm a size 16 on top and 18 on the bottom and I fairly certain I'm a pear shape.

I need to get some smart clothes and I'm not sure what to look for that will suit me? Any suggestions? X

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strawberrylove Sat 12-May-18 13:05:43

Or anything to avoid??

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BlondeB83 Fri 18-May-18 17:12:50

Dresses that are fitted at the waist, floaty skirts and cami tops, tunic tops.

EctoplasmLife Sat 19-May-18 02:08:49

I’m basically the same size and shape as you and I live mostly in skater dresses - fitted at the waist and flared over the hips and bum. For trousers I’d suggest high-waisted and skinny.

I’d avoid shift dresses (aka ones which aren’t fitted) - they just look like a potato sack on a curvier figure. Also baggy straight-legged trousers aren’t flattering for big bums imo

dragonwarrior Sat 19-May-18 14:27:21

Agree with Ecto! I'm an 18 pear and wear mire or less what she has said but I am smaller on too then bottom so have become a fan of high waisted skirts and fitted tops tucked in as they flatter me.

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