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So what's the best Low Fat diet plan out there?

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Thegallofher Fri 11-May-18 19:50:28

Because I need it. After years of following the Low Fat High Carb mantra I have encountered the world of Gallstones and now have to completely reverse my thinking.

Looking for inspiration for delicious meals that have absolutely no fat content - whoopee!!

It's just going to be boiled rice, steamed veg and white fish isn't it?

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Thegallofher Fri 11-May-18 19:51:22

I obviously meant to say Low Carb High Fat mantra - see my brain is dying without fat sad

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Dottydotts Sat 12-May-18 02:04:53

Noooo...low fat is easy. Loads of veg salad and fruit. Lovely crusty bread (no butter I'm guessing cause of gallstones). Pasta and sauces (no oil). Shepherds pies, Roast lean chicken, dry roast pots, gravy, veg, cranberry sauce. Lamb chops mint sauce and new pots . Rice and pasta salads. Baked apples with brown sugar and fat free yog. Cereals, porridge maple and milk with chopped banana. Custard. Fruit salad. Banana bread, hot cross buns. Salads Jacket potatoes and homemade veg loaded pizza. You don't need to eat processed low fat stuff. Just real food. You do lose weight in a low fat diet which is a bonus to no gallbladder pain.

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