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Lighter life?

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18875hulu Tue 08-May-18 23:38:16

I'm looking for advice on anyone who has tried lighter life?
I'm thinking of doing it because I'm so fed up, I've tried every diet under the sun and gotten nowhere. I've spent a fortune on slimming clubs over the years and I'm just done.
The testimonials on their website are obviously not balanced so would like to hear real peoples views? I just keep thinking that if i do it now i will be much more comfortable by this Christmas and to be honest im totally fed up.

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durry Wed 09-May-18 06:02:18

I've done it. Lost two stone, got fed up of eating revolting, processed shit 'food packs' and stopped. Put four stone back on.

Of course this was my fault, not Lighter Life's. But no matter what they claim, it's not a long term, sustainable way of being. You lose weight by eating their 'food' then have to somehow learn how to maintain this. Unless you have superhuman willpower, it's fucking hard.

Don't be fooled by the tag line about counselling. They are not counsellors and do not offer therapy.

It's ridiculously expensive. I think I was paying £70 / week four years ago.

I've now lost 3.5 stone with Slimming World, I run 15k a week and I've maintained my weight quite easily and happily for months. Life's good. I learnt to eat well, long term. Quick fixes are just that.

18875hulu Wed 09-May-18 08:48:52

@durry I was hoping to use their 'therapy ' so that's disappointing. It's ludicrously expensive and I would be unable to eat with my family which is depressing but I keep trying other diets (mainly ww, ive dabbled with sw but don't get the idea of it) and life somehow gets in the way.
As i follow ww i find that with a 13 month old whos still waking through the night, a full time job and a part time uni degree I don't have much time to dedicate to counting and figuring out points :/

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TantrumsAndBalloons Wed 09-May-18 08:53:04

It is ludicrously expensive and you only have about 3 choices of “meals” so end up eating powdered shepherds pie, noodles or powdered spaghetti Bolognese every single day. Unless you have a chocolate mug cake which has the taste and texture of a wet sponge. You will lose weight because you are eating approx 400 calories a day but as soon as the thought of another powdered spaghetti makes you want to cry and you eat actual food you will put it all back on

MySoggyBottom Wed 09-May-18 08:54:40

Exante is the same but a LOT cheaper!

ChestyNut Sun 13-May-18 13:01:20

Lost 6 stone quickly.
Made binge starve cycle so much worse when I started eating conventional food.

Gained 8 stone back quickly.

I would never touch another VLCD with a barge pole.

18875hulu Sun 13-May-18 22:25:16

Thank you all for your views. I didn't realise people gained the weight back so quickly!
Trying to do weight watchers, it's just hard, i have such a non-active lifestyle. Im chained to a desk for 8 hours, i have to drive to work, i study at night. The only exercise i get is lit walking with the pram on my only day off!

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rememberthetime Mon 14-May-18 19:29:11

I have a different viewpoint on this. Lighter Life was amazing for me 5 years ago. I lost four Stone and kept it off for more than a year.

My counsellor/leader was brilliant and I learned a lot about my relationship with food.

For me, cutting that relationship with food was the road to recovery from many issues I had. I found that by not eating in a normal way I could reset myself.

You need to fully commit to lighter life (or any vcld). You need to only eat their food, attend every week, drink the water and do the counselling. It's about changing your lifestyle compeltely.

I kept the weight off by continuing to go to the classes (for free once you reach your goal weight) and using the food packs every now and then to get back on track. Also adopting a low carb diet afterwards was important.

Now... I have put all of the weight back on. That is my fault as I stopped doing what I knew worked.

I recommend it and have just started a new VCLD and once again it is working a treat.

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