Fastest way to lose a good chunk of weight (7-10lbs) without being an idiot

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KirstenRaymonde Tue 08-May-18 20:51:25

I’ve got about 1.5-2st to lose, not a huge amount compared to many but enough to feel daunting. I’ve been losing and regaining the same 3lbs repeatedly for the past few months and I’m just bored of it now! I could do with a rapid loss of the first chunk to get me motivated and moving forward.

Has anyone had any luck with any short term crash diets that aren’t completely stupid (no shakes only, or boiled egg diets etc)

I’m pescatarian, so no land animals, and I don’t really eat eggs (for ethical reasons, I do like them) I like basically all fruit and veg, all legumes, all grains - it really shouldn’t be this hard. But I like halloumi and booze a bit too much too!

One issue is I work from home, so getting any movement in has to be done on purpose. My BMR is only about 1500 calories, so unless I get deliberately active I need less than 1000cals a day to lose anything. I’ve started going for long walks to get my steps up (have a Fitbit) and should probably use my gym membership more than twice a month...


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Ishouldntbesolucky Tue 08-May-18 20:53:12

I wish I knew, but I could have practically written your post, so watching the answers you get with interest!

YetAnotherNewName1000 Tue 08-May-18 20:57:05

I think reducing the quantity of the halloumi and other high calorie items, so still have them, but just a slice of halloumi, rather than half a pack (if you're anything like me). Also cutting right back on the booze, so not banning it completely ('cos that just makes you crave it more), but limit to once a week, then just a glassful.

YetAnotherNewName1000 Tue 08-May-18 20:58:17

Crash diets do tend to do what you have found...lose it and regain it...much better to retrain your stomach/mind to expect small portions of the high calorie stuff.

Melliegrantfirstlady Tue 08-May-18 21:00:34

Drink lower calorie alcohol

That aside there is no magic formula beside from the obvious

stayhomeclub Tue 08-May-18 21:11:33

This is so not a sensible answer but a clinic near me is offering injections which apparently suppress appetite for a month or longer depending on the course you choose.

I’ve generally been successful with weight loss via willpower so just cutting down rather than cutting out is the best way. I would love to erase my appetite as I am constantly hungry and it’s a real battle of motivation to constantly be hungry and keep eating well.

HumphreyCobblers Tue 08-May-18 21:13:30

Do the blood sugar diet by Michael Mosely.

800 calories a day of low carb, high fat food. It seems extremely healthy to me, I feel exceptionally well on it.


KirstenRaymonde Tue 08-May-18 21:13:38

@YetAnotherNewName1000 Yeh I know crash diets often just end up with you regaining, but having done months of sensible calorie counting, lots of veg etc and going up/down/up/down, I think a period of some stricter rules might just help. One small glass of wine a week just won’t work, I’d never stick at one, it’s probably easier to just have none. I’ve been havin G&Ts with slimline instead of wine anyway as lower calorie.

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CarysMa Tue 08-May-18 21:13:57

I am back on the diet treadmill as of tomorrow.

What I do is have a ''strict'' diet of about 800 every SECOND day and about 1200-1350 every other day. Psychologically it's much easier. I'll be doing long walks in the evenings after work today. I did a 9k walk earlier which according to my phone burnt 500 cal!

Gotta diet my way back in to the straight leg jeans.

KirstenRaymonde Tue 08-May-18 21:15:22

@HumphreyCobblers I’ve looked at the blood sugar diet. It does seem like it might be worth a go. My OH is diabetic (T1) so eating lower carb is good for him, and I do all the food buying and cooking. But after being near as damnit vegan for the last few years, a diet heavily in animal products again feels quite unnatural.

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CarysMa Tue 08-May-18 21:15:27

ps this is called zig zag dieting and I've had good success with it in the past. It's a much gentler version of 5:2

lilcolibri Tue 08-May-18 21:15:37

I have lost 10lb exactly.

I did a water fast for 48h, and then took a days break and then did 72h.

It fits all pescetarian/vegan options and is safe enough for 1 week.

I'm not an expert so please google if you're interested. I'm also not interested in any debate about how healthy/unsustainable it is. It's worked for me, and 4 days and re-eating later I am still 10lb down (was 12lb, reduced to 10lb after re-gaining water weight.)

KirstenRaymonde Tue 08-May-18 21:16:24

@CarysMa I like that idea, I think that might work for me. Stick to 800 days I’m just at home all day burning nothing, 1200/1300 when I’m being more active/getting long walks in. What sort of things do you eat on your 800 days?

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KirstenRaymonde Tue 08-May-18 21:18:25

@lilcolibri is that literally water only? What about your electrolytes/sodium levels?

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CarysMa Tue 08-May-18 21:19:22

kirsten,, I eat those sachets of plain porridge with coconot milk, and then maybe two boiled eggs and some ryvita and cherry tomatoes. It's so so boring, but just think ''tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow'' and you can do it!
And then you wake up tomorrow morning and you're ok, you're not absolutely determined to eat buttered toast after all!

KirstenRaymonde Tue 08-May-18 21:20:39

I wonder if I could just eat 800 calories of green veg and halloumi all day? grin

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KirstenRaymonde Tue 08-May-18 21:21:36

I’ve had on off periods of intermittent fasting and I think I’d get on with it, the science on it is pretty compelling as well.

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CarysMa Tue 08-May-18 21:23:23

A punnet of cherry tomatoes is quite low in calories. must stock up. Also one tiny can of tuna in brine with a bit of balsamic vinegar. But go easy on the balsamic vinegar as I remember when I was doing the 5:2 diet that it's not calorie free.

I also like a saddo some nights get out the weighing scales and would have what I'm serving to the DC but weigh out 120grams of lasagne.

I have a shower and go to bed when I'm starving or when I feel I might crack. But it does get good results fairly quickly.

The blood sugar diet for a day or two first is a good idea. Avocados and eggs to reset your metabolism. Dr Eric Berg on you tube has some clips about reseting a jaded metabolism. He's really obsessed but I just took the gist of it, and tried to eat those foods for a few days. Think it worked because last summer I was in good nic. this summer i forgot, winter was so long sad

halfwitpicker Tue 08-May-18 21:23:44

Was gonna suggest the upcoming Bootcamp but see you're almost vegan.

You could do 1200 cals of mainly vegan food, throw in a few lentils and sweet potatoes? Plenty of protein and good fat I. E. Nuts. No booze at all grin

TempleOfBlooms Tue 08-May-18 21:25:04

I combine calorie restriction (1400 a day for me) with very low carb. If I’m strict on the carbs I can lose 8lbs in two weeks and it’s notnthat hard. After that I can maintain by eating however I want at weekends and observing the plan in the week.

halfwitpicker Tue 08-May-18 21:25:07

You eat fish, right?

twinkledag Tue 08-May-18 21:26:36

@TempleOfBlooms - can you post a typical days menu? Would love to lose 8lbs in 2 weeks smile

KirstenRaymonde Tue 08-May-18 21:29:32

Yes I eat fish, cheese and eggs, but was mostly vegan apart from high holidays and still err towards that - so I have some cheese, but only to enjoy it specifically, like a chunk of halloumi or feta on a salad, not mixed into something. I always have soya milk, and don’t eat much yogurt but if I do it’s soya. I will eat eggs but very rarely buy them. I’d be alright eating lots of eggs and fish for a few weeks but not forever.

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KirstenRaymonde Tue 08-May-18 21:30:27

A diet of avocado, fish and eggs with green veg would probably satisfy me happily if I knew it was short term.

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colouringinagain Tue 08-May-18 21:31:25

following with interest!

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