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I’m starting Jane Plan on Monday..

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bbcessex Sat 05-May-18 08:00:19

I am the heaviest I’ve probably ever been... Going to run this post as a diary.

Not a plug - Other diets in a box are available !!

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Ellesbelles04 Sat 05-May-18 09:58:34


I started this last Monday- really enjoying it so far. I had a sneak peek weigh in yesterday and had lost 5lb.

I have a lot to lose (4 stone would be great, 5 stone would be ideal) so am doing three months to break some habits and see how it goes. I’ve only had a couple of things so far that weren’t to my taste- but a lot of the food is surprisingly really nice!

The Facebook group seems good too.

Good luck getting started!

bbcessex Sat 05-May-18 11:21:01

Hi Ellesbelles - thanks for posting.

Sounds really good.. I chose some pretty repetitive food as I don’t mind that and wanted to go for things that appealed - might back fire, who knows!

My box has arrived.. I’m opening tomorrow to start on Monday. Didn’t realise there was an FB page.. I’ll look that up, thanks for tip.

Really glad to hear you’ve lost 5lbs, that’s a great start.

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Ellesbelles04 Tue 08-May-18 18:10:06

Hi @bbcessex,

How have your first couple of days been? So my week 1 weigh in was 6lb off in total- likely to be a lot of water- but finding a variety of food to be helpful in keeping me on track. Got diverted by a couple of gin and slim line tonics in the sun, but this hasn’t effected me although it might when the losses slow down!

bbcessex Tue 08-May-18 20:38:58

HIya @ellesbelles

Thanks for asking; it’s been pretty good .. I’m in the right mindset at the moment so I’m focussed.. also actually really enjoying the food.. I had the cous cous salad and wholewheat salad for lunch yesterday and today and they were surprisingly nice!!

Got my first weigh in on Friday... your 6lb loss is great.. That must be a motivator.

What’s your favourite food so far?

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bbcessex Fri 11-May-18 16:34:43

5lb loss - woo hoo!

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Ellesbelles04 Sat 12-May-18 06:51:54

Fab news! Hope things are going well.

I had a quick weigh in this morning and another 3lb off in week 2 so 9lb so far.

In terms of food, the chilli for lunch is very good and I enjoyed several of the curry dishes. There are a couple of duds (whole grain salad was not great but still edible) and on the whole I’m still enjoying the variety!

bbcessex Fri 18-May-18 06:54:40

Hiya @Ellesbelles04

Sorry - only just spotted your post

That’s brilliant - 9lb in two weeks is amazing 👏👏
Turned out I did a miscalculation with my week one loss - lost 7lbs in week one, 3 last week so 10lb here 😱😱😱

I’m delighted .

I haven’t ordered the chilli in this box - might order some for next month.

I haven’t eaten the soups yet - ordered a few but don’t fancy them now - and funnily enough, I love the whole grain salad!!!!

How many months are you doing?

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Peppersandrice Mon 21-May-18 16:14:19

I’m going to order next week.
Is it a monthly delivery or a weekly delivery?
I would love to lose three stone for my holiday in September so I really hope it’s doable on the 4 month plan.
I seemed to have kicked my snack habit so I’m hoping the meals will fill me up enough so I don’t feel the need to snack!

Ellesbelles04 Mon 21-May-18 18:11:44

@bbcessex I’m currently signed up for the 3 month plan. So in week 3 I seem to have STS which isn’t bad considering I had a work trip to Scotland and was off plan for a few days... yes, some event wine passed my lips!

100% ready for week 4 and looking forward to staying on track. No crazy events planned so no diversions!

The soups are nice- less calories than the hot lunches or salads, so I’ve added a calorie counted ryvita to the mix as I don’t find them filling like the other lunches. I’m tracking on MFP so I can be happy to stay around 1,200 each day.

Glad you are doing so well! Great to see some good results! 10lb is fabulous.

Hello to @Peppersandrice

It is a monthly delivery that you supplement with fresh fruit and veggies. I was sceptical about the quality but the food tastes mostly good and not at all like shake replacement diets etc. You get one snack on the plan per day- so you can still have a treat of sorts, but a carefully sized and calorie controlled one!

Let us know how you get on. There are some discount codes out there but if you’d like a referral code let me know as it’s £30 off.

bbcessex Thu 24-May-18 18:26:07

Hi there all!

@Ellesbelles04 - STS is a great result when you've been away with work. If you're anything like me, a gain would have been more likely in that situation, so SFS is absolutely fantastic.

I travel a lot with work & clients too, which is why I got so big in the first place !! (well - lack of will power really, but lack of routine doesn't help either).

I've changed my order for next month. I am quite happy to eat the same food day in day out if I like it, and I like the cous cous for lunch, the lasagne & the curry for dinner - so that's what I'm having!

Going to put the soups in the general cupboard - just not into soup at the moment, although they do look nice.

I lost 1.5 lbs this week which brings me to 11.5lbs in 3 weeks - considering I've had a couple of events, I'm really, really pleased. Going to try and rink more water this next week as I'm not so good at that.

@Peppersandrice - the food is very nice - certainly not bad for pre-packed 'diet' food.

The food comes in one box for the month, and is essentially pre-packaged ready meals that don't need refridgerating. Surprisingly tasty, considering, and easy to chuck into your bag for work etc.

I'm really pleased with it. I'm doing 3 months and will take it from there... please ask any questions you like although I don't know much!

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bbcessex Thu 31-May-18 14:25:19

weighed in today - 1stone and half a pound off in 28 days... SO PLEASED!!

realistically I’d like to lose another 1.5 stones and I’d be very happy.. I’d be a 14 / 16 at that, which for most would be too much but I’m quite happy around that mark.

Jane plan - I salute you!

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Tonya07 Mon 04-Jun-18 00:03:40

I'm starting this week.... and if I'm honest a little worried! Tips? X

CactusFred Mon 04-Jun-18 00:27:44

Never heard of it so just googled and now I want to do this!

Is the food nice?

bbcessex Mon 04-Jun-18 22:53:36

Food is nice 👍👍👍

Lots of choice, all pre-packaged, no need to refrigerate, pretty much skimpy ready meal type things.

Add your own salad / vegetables.

Pretty nice - certainly not Slimfast / reconstituted stuff.

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Flowerypig Tue 05-Jun-18 18:53:05

Hi all,

I’m starting on Thursday when my box arrives. Desperately want to get 4 stone off. I’ve tried literally everything else, short of surgery- but have looked in to it. Want to loose weight before trying for another baby as i’ve Had two lots of gestational diabetes and just know i’m Playing with fire risking another pregnancy at this weight.
Am in awe of your amazing losses so far- very inspiring!

bbcessex Wed 06-Jun-18 05:33:17

That’s a great incentive Flowerypig - I think you’ll do really well on JP.

I’m finding it very easy to not have to figure out food options / calories.

I am doing the ‘weekends off’ option - this weekend I literally went totally off piste so am not looking forward to weigh in on Thurs, but have been back on plan since Monday so fingers crossed...

It still makes me laugh to rummage in the box and pull out whatever I want for dinner!

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Peppersandrice Wed 06-Jun-18 07:43:13

Was going to order a couple weeks ago but we were moving house and have not stopped at all. Then at the end of last week someone hit me head on and my car has been written off!
I went on this morning and the price is £100 more than two weeks ago. Does the offers change all the time? Anyone know any promo codes?

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting Wed 06-Jun-18 18:46:32

Peppersandrice I keep seeing a advert on tv offering £100 off.

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting Wed 06-Jun-18 18:48:32

MIDWEEKFREEBIE is £100 off and free breakfast.

Only valid till today

Peppersandrice Wed 06-Jun-18 21:33:32

Thank you! I found a code so I’ve ordered so hopefully be here by Friday! Can’t wait 😊

bbcessex Wed 06-Jun-18 22:36:57

Excellent, Peppers - we can compare meals!

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Tonya07 Thu 07-Jun-18 00:44:54

I'm starting friday.... ditto to weight loss, I have about the same . Sick of trying and nothing working...... here goes. Good luck

bbcessex Thu 07-Jun-18 07:06:24

Good luck all 🤞🤞

After a mammoth, ridiculously (fab) 3 day weekend of guests, bbqs and prosecco (and Ben & Jerrys 😱😱😱) I got straight back on JP Monday morning and miraculously have managed to stay the same weight this week.

I’ve learnt two things
1: I love prosecco but feel terrible when i stuff my face with ever carb in sight
2: Jane Plan made it possible to ‘reset’ straight away - no temptation, just eat what’s in the box.

Very pleased.

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bbcessex Thu 07-Jun-18 07:07:25

Are you starting today Flowers ?

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