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Any tips for dealing with social situations?

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Singingtherapy Wed 02-May-18 18:50:44

I'm finally having a good phase! More motivated than I've been for ages and have lost my first half stone. May and June are quite busy months for family and friends birthdays and I've got a few meals out coming up. I've got a bit of a thing about turning up and announcing I'm on a diet, really boring and killjoyish, just can't do it. What do other people do? I'm thinking of using the same tactics as pretending to drink before people know you're pregnant. Take small quantities of food and nurse it for ages. Sound like a plan?

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TefalTester123 Wed 02-May-18 18:58:14

I've lost about a stone in the last few months and have a couple of events coming up. I will have a lower than usual calorie breakfast and a salad based lunch. I will also try to do extra exercise in the morning or the previous day. Where I can I have pre-studied the menu of the pub we're going to (where there are absolutely no low cal options) and will try to for instance get a chicken burger with no bun and a salad if poss instead of fries. Alcohol will be fine as I will drive, so good excuse.

Planning is the key I think.

DandelionAndBedrock Wed 02-May-18 19:01:05

Agreed, where possible try and look up nutritional info in advance. Most chains have it online. Wagamamas, for instance, there is a massive variation in carb/calories even just in the ramen noodle bowls (which, to my mind, were all a healthy choice).

If people are having several courses you can always have two starters instead of a starter + main.

Aria2015 Wed 02-May-18 19:11:53

It's really hard. To be honest the only time I lose a decent amount of weight is if I skip social things altogether. I did it in Apil and lost 10lbs but like you, I have things coming up the next few months and I know it will at least, slow down my weight loss. I had a cheat weekend this weekend gone buy been back on dieting this week so hoping I haven't done too much damage and even half hopeful I might still lose a pound but only time will tell! I do 3 days a week where I just eat 500 calories and that usually loses me around 2lbs and also keeps me on track with not carrying my indulgence over into the week as my first fast day is always a Monday. Suggest that you either add in some exercise on days they you've eaten more due to engagements or be extra vigilant in the week. Good lick!

Wishimaywishimight Wed 02-May-18 21:13:27

You can usually find some healthy options on menus or perhaps ask for a substitution - I had a couple of dinners out recently and on both occasions I chose a fish dish and either asked for just vegetables with it (rather than the chips on offer) or just ignored the potatoes on the plate. No need to announce you're on a diet, that just draws attention which surely you want to avoid. With regard to alcohol I drink gin and tonic rather than wine as it's much lower in cals and I find I drink it slower.

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