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Self-indulgent moan about how hard it is to lose weight- any advice?

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LiquoriceWheel Mon 30-Apr-18 23:27:31

I've been overweight for about 5 years, never had the energy or motivation to stick to healthy habits. Anyway, THIS TIME it's serious and I'm doing it properly. Went to rehab to quit alcohol and now I'm two months 'clean' so to speak. I've also cut out red meat, caffeine, takeaways, big portions, chicken and as much refined sugar as possible. E.g I ate THREE cubes of chocolate in about two months. I don't eat any bread as well.

It all seems a bit pointless because I've barely lost any weight and there's nothing good to eat to look forward to. Like waking up in the morning with a herbal tea instead of coffee is such a drag.

I've just joined a gym (didn't see the point until I knew the alcohol was out completely) but starting to lose motivation before I've started exercising. sad

Can anyone relate or when did the fat start to really melt away? Will I be fat forever? Despairing a bit sad

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mooncuplanding Mon 30-Apr-18 23:29:09

Look up the ketogenic diet

Forget all this low fat stuff, it sends you round the twist as well as making you fat

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