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I can't stop eating.

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BluePony Sat 28-Apr-18 19:33:34

It's mainly that, really.

I have a very unhealthy snack habit. Today's good diary is as follows:

Breakfast: two breakaways
Lunch: ham sandwich
Dinner: soup & crusty bread
Snacks: 5 packets of crisps, two glasses of wine.

I also have slight agoraphobia so I have trouble leaving the house some days. I really need people to kick me up the butt and tell me to change it only my eating ways but to cut down drastically on the snacking. I don't NEED five packets of crisps but I can't stop myself. I'm not going to buy more once these run out but I need to stop going for the temptation. Please harshly tell me to stop and what I can do better.

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BluePony Sat 28-Apr-18 19:33:53

Food *not good

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BluePony Sat 28-Apr-18 19:36:50

I know a ham sandwich isn't good either but I don't know what a good and relatively cheap options there are for lunch? If I don't have breakaways for breakfast then I have coco pops.

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BrownTurkey Sat 28-Apr-18 19:47:51

No wonder you are craving, you are not eating proper food. Three balanced meals - carbs, protein and veg in all of them. Allow yourself two snacks of something you like plus fruit. Don’t eat anything after your evening meal at sixish (amazing habit once you get into it, cuts cravings as you have a nightly ‘fast’).

snowsun Sun 29-Apr-18 11:27:48

I feel you're not eating proper meals and if I ate the same as you for breakfast, lunch and dinner I'd be snacking too as I'd be really hungry.

How about porridge or whole meal toast for breakfast. Or yogurt and some berries.

Have a sandwich for lunch but perhaps put some salad in it as well. A yogurt and a pear or apple as well.

How about cooking a main meal. Chicken , veg or salad and a baked potato.

If cooking is a bit daunting start by putting a chicken breast with a slice of lemon and some chopped carrots and onions in some tin foil. Wrap it so it's sealed. Bung it in a medium oven and about half hour / 40 mins later it's all cooked.

A Banana is a filling snack in between meals. Limit to one packet of corn type crisps such as French fries a day.

It's so hard to break a habit. Start changing just one meal a day. Say breakfast and you'll be surprised how full you feel after a decent start to the day.

Good luck.

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