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Low carb breakfast ideas?

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Genevievevavance Wed 25-Apr-18 23:11:24

Hi all, I'm looking for some low carb breakfast ideas that are egg free as I'm allergic. Also allergic to nuts and dairy so I find breakfast challenging at the best of times. I'm doing keto right now so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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teta Wed 25-Apr-18 23:39:09

Smoked salmon with sliced advocado.
Coconut yoghurt with berries.
Chia puddings with berries.
Advocado mixed with raspberries in a food processor to make a healthy raspberry mousse.
Linda McCartney Red onion & rosemary sausages with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, beans.

Blondie1984 Thu 26-Apr-18 00:59:32

You could do scrambled tofu with roasted mushrooms and tomatoes - and with some bacon

Pancakes/waffles made with almond or coconut flour

There are quite a few paleo friendly granolas that you can buy now - or make your own - you could swap the nuts for extra seeds

Genevievevavance Fri 27-Apr-18 14:51:39

Thanks for the suggestions smile I'll give them a go. For some reason tofu gives me an awful stomach ache so I might have to find an alternative

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