Nutracheck Giving Me A LOT Of Calories...

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MrPottergaveDobbyasock Tue 10-Apr-18 08:45:06

So I'm 5ft 5 and 18st on the dot.

Nutracheck is giving me a calorie goal of 1998 A DAY. I've set my goal at losing 1lb a week and my activity level is set as inactive.

When I add the same into MFP it gives me 1400 a day confused

I'm focused primarily on preventing binge eating (I have been diagnosed with BED and I'm at the stage of my recovery where gradual caloric reduction is encouraged)

My BED was triggered by restrict-binge cycling so in a way it's really important I don't restrict myself too harshly, but at the same time there's no way I can lose weight on 1998 a day is there??

It just seems like an awful lot.

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teddycat Wed 11-Apr-18 06:51:11

For your weight I would say start with the higher amount then reduce as you lose weight. You will probably be more successful with that amount too, good luck.

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