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Just a moan, really.

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RoseCuntedGlasses Sat 07-Apr-18 17:15:32

I’ve been losing weight since January and I’m two stone down. I was 18 stone to start with and I’m 5’8, so I’ve got maybe another 5 stone-ish to go. I’m vegetarian and following WW and I’m eating really well. Lots of beans and pulses that I should have been eating my whole life but never did.

But fuck me, I wish I could eat like I used to. I know that’s how I’ve ended up being so bloody massive, but still. My DH is a rake and can eat chocolate like it’s going out of fashion (he’s very considerate though and doesn’t do it around me). Why oh why can’t I do that? I’ve eaten crap constantly for 30 years and I miss it. Sigh.

Thanks for reading. I’m just pining for my old diet, as shit as it was 😁

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Bluntness100 Sat 07-Apr-18 17:18:11

Yes, I hear you and some days everything tastes much better than skinny feels. Sigh.

But that's it, you, and most other people, can't just eat what you fancy and in the quantities you fancy, because you know what happens when you do.

You've done incredibly well. So keep focused on the positive. Why you are doing it, and not the downside.

RoseCuntedGlasses Sat 07-Apr-18 17:29:24

Thanks Bluntness, that’s a really kind post.

Onwards and downwards, swerving round the massive cake/whole Domino’s/chippy tea all in the same day 😁

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Maverick66 Sat 07-Apr-18 17:37:53

I hear you Rose.

I've lost 4 stone in a year but have completely lost my mojo since Easter confused

I'm just muddling through hoping I will get my zing back.
I am similar height to you and weigh 14.5 stone.

Take heart Rose nobody said it was gonna be easy.

I just take each day as it comes, and if it's a good day diet wise, then that's great! ! if not, well I dig deep and start again and remember all the people in the wings watching convinced I am going to fail.

Good Luck!

RoseCuntedGlasses Sat 07-Apr-18 17:57:32

Maverick that’s bloody amazing! Well done. I look forward to being a similar weight sometime soon! I hope you get your zing back too.

I know what you mean about people waiting in the wings. I’ve been hiding the fact that I’m trying to lose weight as some people <looking at you, Mom> are really weird about it.

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Maverick66 Sat 07-Apr-18 18:02:55


I have done it before but never from such a large starting weight. 18 stone 13

No-one (family and friends) believed I was going to do it this time either. But I took a different approach than I did other times. I decided there is no such thing as instant gratification from dieting it is a long slow process. So rather than saying I want to have 3 stone off by summer I said I want to have 52 lbs off in a year and that is what I have done.

Have you heard of Lisa Coleman?

RoseCuntedGlasses Mon 09-Apr-18 11:34:38

No I hadn’t, Maverick but I googled following your post. Blimey, she’s incredible!

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Maverick66 Mon 09-Apr-18 19:38:46

Rose she is truly inspirational smile

Trialsmum Wed 11-Apr-18 17:06:55

I feel ya too! I’m at my target weight now but knowing that I’ll have to eat healthily forevermore to stay that way is so depressing. And there’s not even the feel good factor of seeing the scales moving, it’s just to stay the same ☹️

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