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Where's my willpower? Sick of this viscous circle

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MamaTT Fri 06-Apr-18 19:45:03

I'm not overweight - but I have body fat to lose. I'm 5 ft 10 and 10 stone on the button. I'm breastfeeding 9mo DD so not sure if that is adding to the hunger and cravings.

In my head, I know what I should be eating. But I just don't. Instead of a healthy breakfast, I end up having a few spoonfuls of coco pops and then maybe a protein shake. Lunch and tea is always usually pretty healthy (omelette, stir fry, courgetti bol, chicken and salad are all fairly typical meals) but I pick in between and then in the evenings I have awful sugar cravings. I've just eaten a whole tub of halo top ivecream.

I walk a fair bit (at least 4 or 5 miles per day) and I run 4 miles twice a week and do a METCON class 3 times a week. Although this week I haven't run or been to my class because DD is struggling with teething and is a nightmare for anyone I leave her with. I love exercise and I'm desperate to lose my flabby belly and thighs. I just can't seem to grasp this dieting thing. It's taking over my life. And i don't mean to sound dramatic but it's true. It takes up far too much of my thought space.

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MamaTT Fri 06-Apr-18 19:46:35

And I can't spell. Vicious.

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