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Getting in from work...and eating anything!

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oopsadaisy77 Thu 05-Apr-18 19:30:21

What is it about getting in from work, as soon as I've finished work I look forward to my food prize. I usually have a head ache, feel exhausted and all I can think about is food. It doesn't matter what day it is, of course less sleep makes it worse but apart from that it's just work, oh and my love of food.

I came in from work, having been out last night, and had fresh loaf if bread. It was a mini loaf admittedly. Oh and nothing could stop me, i ate the lot.

Oops. Any suggestions as to how to just unwind without food?!

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BackforGood Thu 05-Apr-18 23:05:47

Would it work for you to acknowledge that is a time when you feel ravenous, and work with it ?

Either prepare food the night before, so the food you eat when you get in is a balanced, healthy meal.... using the slow cooker, or making meals that can be heated through in a matter of minutes.
Having a snack before you leave work, or on your commute, that will carry you through to your evening meal - an apple or something ?

RunMummyRun68 Thu 05-Apr-18 23:07:27

Go straight upstairs for a bath/shower.... do not come down until someone has a healthy plate of food waiting

Or stay upstairs away from the fridge for rest of the night

SusaneK Fri 06-Apr-18 00:25:20

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thefirstmrsdewinter Fri 06-Apr-18 00:44:40

Being hungry makes you feel more tired, then your guard is down when you walk through the door. Try to avoid running on empty and coming home ravenous. Eat a protein-based afternoon snack (boiled egg, greek yogurt), stay hydrated, and then on the way home an apple or two, carrot sticks, punnet of cherry tomatoes to pick at.

At home have something reasonable to snack on while you make dinner or watch tv. Can you make double the amount of veg the night before so you have something to warm up immediately? Or make a big pot of soup to keep in the fridge? I find it's good to have something I can absolutely gorge on when I feel like I want to eat until I'm full. For me this is usually homemade chicken soup with lots of veg, better for weight loss if you don't add starch but no one will report you if you add a handful of rice or potato to the pot.

I'm with you though, you're so vulnerable at that moment when you're back in your own space. Could it be something to do with claiming back your own time, like the luxury of being home just means you completely let your hair down and do whatever you want? What you wrote was very evocative. I don't work now but you made me remember exactly how it felt to come home after a long day at work.

halfwitpicker Fri 06-Apr-18 00:47:50

Snack on the way home or as Mrs de winter says a big pot of soup to munch on.

fishonabicycle Fri 06-Apr-18 07:58:01

I'm hungry when I get in from work and tend to first have a glass of water, then munch on a carrot/bit of cooked chicken while I make dinner.

ILoveyou2018 Sat 07-Apr-18 15:15:56

I find going to the gym straight after work stops me feeling so hungry when I get in. Also preparation is key! Try batch cooking some healthy meals for the freeezer x

SnookieSnooks Sat 07-Apr-18 15:21:35

You’re obviously starving when you get home. Try a bigger lunch or a banana on the way home. Another tactic it to cook in bulk at the weekend and have a meal you can heat up the moment you arrive.

MinaPaws Sat 07-Apr-18 15:23:54

Have a massive glass of water as soon as you get in. Half that hunger is thirst.

I agree with protein snacks late afternoon - chicken or egg or protein bread (a slice of that kills hunger for hours.)

Can you prep a non-food treat for yoruself in advance to come home to? Lay out bathrobe, towel and favourite bubbles or a magazine and a favourite mug with a herbal teabag already in it.
You could also prep some healthy snacks and have them waiting in the fridge: crudites, shredded roast chicken, popcorn etc.

Bluntness100 Sat 07-Apr-18 15:24:52

You need to have things readily available to eat when you get in that are healthy and easy to eat. And not have things in that are something you will binge on. You also need to eat through the day so you're not so hungry.

A whole loaf of bread, even a mini one is binging. And it sounds like it might be habit, like you know you're going to go home and do it as some form of reward. You need to break that cycle.

oopsadaisy77 Mon 16-Apr-18 08:22:18

What great replies thank you. Really amazed at such support.

I think when I'm worried about work and super stressed, I can think of nothing else but my food reward either when it's over or even or even in anticipation of work. My weight, health, really doesn't matter at that point, my work is my only focus and then I seek reward as work winds me up! It's just really challenging to break that cycle, some useful advice here, thank you.

It's odd as when I'm calm food doesn't bother me that much, it's nice but I'm sensible. The soup idea is a great one, plus the bath idea as another great suggestion.

The really stupid thing is I can sit back and type this on reflection see what I'm doing but in the moment am unaware. It's just food yepeee. Need to calm down. My husband suggested having a bath and glass of wine, I have little ones to feed though and not sure I should start turning to alcohol!

It must be related to work as had a work from home morning, I was very pleased to not be going in then the realisation set in that there was much to do. I was straight in the bread bin. The really stupid thing is I can't see it coming, I thought that I was hungry or my appetite seemed huge and didn't think much of it at the time. On reflection I was stressed and wanting carbs. I love you2018 I can see the gym as being something that would work, I have children with me though.

The firstmrswinter interesting psychology, especially as I also suffer if I am working from home, and that was after a weekend of having lots of family here and then there was quiet work from home time- straight to the bread/chocolate/coffees. I'm sorry my post was evocative, I wish there was a stress free job out there but I think by fact we get paid to do it means there's stress involved.

It's still because when I am calm even the thought of eating lots seems ridiculous. I eat when hungry and sensibly (unlesss it's chocolate cheesecake but that's not around all the time ;-) ). Even the thought of making a huge saucepan of soup seems crazy as I think I won't eat all that - yet on reflection I eat loads more when in that frantic work mode. I can even be in that mode and think "this isn't being mindful" but it won't matter, I think it would actually be great to go for a run or something but that isn't an option. I also have injuries so can't walk or run in the same way as many years ago.

I can't give up work as my children are now old enough to be at school and go to a childminder. I also want to learn how to manage my own emotions.

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thefirstmrsdewinter Mon 16-Apr-18 16:57:40

Op no need to say sorry, I was just noting that you painted a vivid picture! It's good to understand how you feel and how it affects your behaviour.

When I quit smoking I wanted to learn to tolerate feelings instead of doing something (smoking, drinking, eating etc) to manage or minimise them. The penny dropped when something happened (nasty neighbour encounter) that made me want a fag but I realised after the cigarette nothing would have changed except that I'd have had a fag. It doesn't sound very profound, but it was a turning point for me.

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