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Going on beach holiday as a plus size woman

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ItsASairFecht Wed 04-Apr-18 19:52:28

Can you tell me how you deal with this? (I am a 16/18 on top, 18/20 on bottom) you fake it til you make it? or not just care? feeling really anxious about it (though I have been bigger and have managed it..but this time I'm all over the place).

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pieceofpurplesky Wed 04-Apr-18 19:55:02

I am similar to you and have no problems. You have to own it and not worry about what others think! Everyone has a hang up about something - my tiny size 6 friend hates having a flat chest and hates the beach.

pieceofpurplesky Wed 04-Apr-18 19:55:18

Tiny as in 4'11''

OlennasWimple Wed 04-Apr-18 19:58:13

You have to own it and not worry about what others think!


I live in a hot country where people are frequently wandering around in beach wear. Honestly, the women who catch your attention are the ones wearing all kinds of cover ups and trying not to expose any of themselves. Those who are comfortable with who they are you don't notice at all.

And something you really notice when you spend a lot of time at the beach is that we come in a real variety of shapes and sizes, and we are all fabulous

Laska5772 Wed 04-Apr-18 19:58:39

Once you are there you wont care, especially if you are going to Med beaches see lots of bigger and older women wearing just what the hell they like and no one stares...
Have a great time, !

troodiedoo Wed 04-Apr-18 19:59:55

Just relax and enjoy your holiday. Get some well fitting comfortable clothes, practice good posture and smile.

I almost guarantee you'll see someone bigger than you on holiday giving zero fucks.

RedPandaMama Wed 04-Apr-18 20:01:31

I'm a size 16, currently probably closer to an 18 after having my baby. I've never felt comfortable in swim and holiday wear but honestly, the photos where I look worst are the ones where I'm desperately trying to cover up. The ones where I'm in a bikini looking happy, I genuinely look okay. And I don't award myself compliments often.

Floozy at Debenhams do great bikinis, tankinis and cool swimsuits that have sort of frill skirts. I have one and it's very flattering on my chubby hourglass shape grin

Enjoy your holiday!

strayducks18 Wed 04-Apr-18 20:03:25

Spray tan, bikini and enjoy!

Honestly there will be all shapes and sizes on the beach and no one will be paying any attention. I always have a spray tan as I feel more self conscious being brilliant white rather than any wobbly bits!

Laska5772 Wed 04-Apr-18 20:03:26

Get a good bra size bikini.. Lepel , Panache or Freya.. you can often get last years styles cheaper ..Try somewhere like Belle Lingerie or on ebay

WorriedandTerfy Wed 04-Apr-18 20:05:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WorriedandTerfy Wed 04-Apr-18 20:10:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ItsASairFecht Wed 04-Apr-18 20:44:18

Thanks all. I need to just suck it up and get on with it. You are right of course, no one cares once you are there, and you do see all shapes and sizes just getting on with it and enjoying life. Note to self!

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Noqonterf Wed 04-Apr-18 20:49:34

Get yourself a beautiful swimsuit that you feel great in. It makes all the difference.

RedPandaMama Wed 04-Apr-18 22:19:52

When I said skirt I meant like this, it has a sort of ruffley bit. I'm super self conscious about my thighs and arse so felt 1000x times more confident in this. Was a 16 here and it still fits me at an 18. Love Floozy stuff.

ItsASairFecht Wed 04-Apr-18 22:54:50

You are so slim redpandamama!

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RedPandaMama Wed 04-Apr-18 22:58:37

@ItsASairFecht I'm definitely not... that's a bit of a flattering photo and I'm 2 stone heavier since DD sad

Confidence is key and you will look amazing on holiday flowers

Hellsbellscockleshells Wed 04-Apr-18 23:02:01

I am tall OP 6ft and a much bigger dress size than you 22. I am determined to try and loose some weight by August (most of it is in my stomach). I may get down to your size by then hopefully which is better than where I am now. I get a spray tan wear a one piece and move quickly or wear and or wear a sarong.
What do any larger ladies wear to breakfast and by the pool? I wore a sarong thing last year as I couldn’t be bothered with two changes of clothing.

ItsASairFecht Wed 04-Apr-18 23:04:22

Are these for swimming in or just wearing over a bikini?

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ItsASairFecht Wed 04-Apr-18 23:07:19

Hellsbells, I have a few sarongs, also some loose short kaftany type tops..also have a few beach dresses..and I always take some 3/4 length leggings with me for when I feel very self conscious. I'm only 5" 4, so you can imagine that I look really big (belly bum and thighs, rest of me is bearable).

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notenoughbottletonight Wed 04-Apr-18 23:13:00

I posted something like this a few days ago! I'm a big size 16 and my stomach and thighs are bloody awful. I have an overhang and the rest of it is just flabby. I've tried hard to diet/tone but the alcohol calls me every weekend... I'm getting a spray tan before I go on holiday and have bought a high waisted brief bikini...

ItsASairFecht Wed 04-Apr-18 23:18:22

I could never wear a bikini, sadly..even a swimsuit is a stretch. The shorts in the link look slightly better though, if they can be swum in.

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DelphiniumBlue Wed 04-Apr-18 23:21:26

Play up the good bits( nails done/fake tan on legs), and get a decent fitting bikini/swimsuit with underwiring to draw attention to your boobs rather than your stomach ( if stomach is the bit you are worrying about).
You can get control panelled swimsuits, or skirted ones if you want more bottom coverage, but if you wear leggings on a beach/by the pool you will draw attention to yourself. Get some waterproof make-up and big sunglasses, and a floaty caftan or sundress as a cove-rup for cafe or bar. Also a big straw sunhat in a style that suits you. Go for glamour and the wobbly bits will go unnoticed!

Notproudofthisone Thu 05-Apr-18 07:03:30

They’re for swimming in too OP! I like them.
Also I’m slim but I’ve never been on the beach and looked at anyone larger, and thought anything. I don’t even think I notice other people genuinely!

ItsASairFecht Thu 05-Apr-18 07:11:47

Thanks all. Just to say that I don't wear leggings at the beach or the pool, but I sometimes take them with me to the beach or pool so that if I have to leave and go back to the villa/ into the hotel I can cover up a bit if I feel I need to - I don't always, but on a very insecure day.

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Lanaa Thu 05-Apr-18 07:17:45


I'm s similar height although bigger than you. For breakfast I pop shorts over my swim suit sometimes go down like that, or I have a variety of really beautiful kaftans like the one below.

Even though I'm bigger I will happily wear a two piece. The high waisted kind with a ruffled top look good. I get a selection to match the kaftans. There's a good brand of swimsuit called magisculpt (available from Simply Be) that are flattering and supportive.

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