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Smart bracelet readings....

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PistFump Sun 01-Apr-18 19:06:15

I got myself a knockoff budget Fitbit from a voucher website recently - more for the pedometer but it also comes with heart rate and blood pressure readings. Some of the bp results it comes up with are really alarmingly high - are they likely to be accurate or can I relax? The heart rate isn't far out....

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AnotherOtter Sun 01-Apr-18 19:50:07

The reading could well be a load of bollocks but why not put your mind at rest and go to a local pharmacy and get your blood pressure checked by a professional? Lots of pharmacies offer this service (see Lloyds for example ). High blood pressure is a major risk factor for strokes and heart disease but very manageable with treatment so important to find out I think. Good luck!

NotForMeThankYou Mon 02-Apr-18 02:52:53

I'd also check it out to be sure. There was an article a while ago where a Fitbit showed a odd heart rate than usual and it turned out to be blood clots.

It can't do any harm can it even if it just puts your mind at rest.

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