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Does anyone have tips for chocolate cravings?!?

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LeBe Wed 09-May-07 20:27:10

Im trying to be healthy and loose weight but I am the biggest chocaholic going and I get really bad craings for it especially in the eveings.
Does anyone have any tips to overcome this (or atleast make it a bit bearable)

UCM Wed 09-May-07 20:27:59

Have a glass of wine instead, less cals and wine doesn't go well with chocolate.

sweetheart Wed 09-May-07 20:30:13

Go and do something else for a few mins to take your mind off it. I'm not sure but there is supposidly a scientific length of time a craving lasts for!

NappiesGalore Wed 09-May-07 20:30:22

buy v expensive choc so you have to ration it.

or buy v dark choc b/c it has hardly any fat but still has chemicals in which release happiness in your brain. and also you cant scoff tons like you do with lovely milky choc coz its just not as moreish. a way to indulge, without indulging too much.

Nikki76 Wed 09-May-07 20:32:21

Cut down on the carbs - espec the refined ones - causes energy peaks and troughs and when you are in a dip, you have a mahoosive craving for sugar and so have to have some...then it starts all over again....I've been there with choc cravings - first couple of days are hard, but it does go! Try having an apple or a glass of water instead....boring I know!

sweetheart Wed 09-May-07 20:33:38

cravings last between 3 and 5 mins apparently! Go and put some washing on or empty your dishwasher - or something!!!!

Dabbles Wed 09-May-07 20:36:07

chew chocolate... and then spit it out...

disgusting, yes, prossibly an eating disorder.. maybe.. but it works.. just be careful its addictive.. if u finding yourself buying loads of food to 'chew and spit' then maybe u have a problem.. whats worse is when u buy loads of choc and biscuits to do this.. and forget to spit..

Whoooosh Wed 09-May-07 20:38:29

Have some!

Buy mini bars and try to ration yourself-I use Cadbury's higlight,biscuity hneycomb thingies andmy ration is two bags but is better than nothing or better than a whole bar of something more naughty.

Evenings are my weak time too-you have my sympathy.

thequeenofcontradiction Thu 10-May-07 11:52:47

Brush your teeth or rinse with mouthwash when you get a craving - it works for me.

MuckyAnthea Thu 10-May-07 11:55:30

I have just been craving choc, so ate a bowl of cherry tomatoes instead. Not bad...

EllieKthePA Thu 10-May-07 12:00:21

my aunt did WeightWatchers, she got some good tips ....

put a CurlyWurly in the freezer, then just break off a small piece when you crave chocolate

freeze grapes, then suck on them frozen, like boiled sweets

i've done both and they worked

anorak Thu 10-May-07 12:01:57

Diet hot chocolate - 30 or 40 calories a mugful.

Saturn74 Thu 10-May-07 12:03:21

agree with the idea of buying really high quality chocolate with a high cocoa content, then having one piece and making it last.

Spagblog Thu 10-May-07 12:04:59

Yes, buy the 99% cocoa from Lindt.
It is hideous...Put you off chocolate for life

saadia Thu 10-May-07 12:11:21

Just read recently that cinnamon can control sugar cravings - just add it to stuff I guess. Might help.

BrownSuga Thu 10-May-07 12:12:21

I used to take Chromium supplement to combat chocolate cravings and it worked.

All About chromium

LeBe Thu 10-May-07 13:57:35

Thankyou all for your help have been miserable for the last 24hours as I have had no chocolate, I have now noticed how much I use it as a comfort! I have had 80% chocolate it was gross!!!! But wil look into the other ideas.

Iklboo Thu 10-May-07 14:01:42

Not quite the same, but I've been having handfuls of dried cranberries to try to beat my choccy cravings. It seems to be working, but I reckon if there was chocolate to hand, I might end up having both.
At least the cranberries are good for me...right?

NannyClaire Sat 12-May-07 09:18:01

I go for those cereal bars - the Special K chocolate chip one is sickly sweet, the Tesco HL chocolate orange is quite nice, Fitnesse ones are ok (and came out top on a poll of sugar / fat content, I think it was Which?)
Satisfies the carb craving if it's blood sugar dips making you gnaw-seous.

Alternatively get some of the weight watchers treat bars - boots do some good ones too, a chocolate nougat thing which is quite nice!

LeBe Sat 12-May-07 12:13:56

Thankyou for all the tips, I do have those fitnese bars they are quite yummy actually. Have been trying to have some optinons drinks in the evening when my craving is at its worst and it seems to working, hve been looking at the fat and sugar contents in stuff, some of it is a bit suprising!!

DiscoFever Mon 14-May-07 15:27:39

dawn french said once that the best way to stop eating choc was to get a great big bar and sit in front of a full length mirror naked and eat it! it put me off for a whole week!

3andnomore Mon 14-May-07 15:33:25

Get Jason Vales Book chocolate buster

Nightynight Mon 14-May-07 16:11:30

I agree with giving in to the cravings, to a certain extent. I buy one bar per day, and it has to last me the whole day.

On the Dawn French lines, thinkng about the size of your bum in tight jeans is pretty effective too!

Nightynight Mon 14-May-07 16:11:55

thats one smallish bar, btw!

Pixel Wed 16-May-07 23:31:26

Chocolate flavour snackajacks are quite tasty.

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