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Over 4 stone to lose.. Can I do it?

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LostDignity Sat 24-Mar-18 06:32:06


Over the past month I've decided that I'm finally ready to do something about my weight. I've been hitting the gym and monitoring briefly what I eat and have really cut back on the junk food. This has helped so far and I've been losing weight slowly.

The issues I face are that two of the medications contradict one another, one causes weight gain whilst the other decreases your appetite.

I often found I'd go all day without eating and then I'd have a binge. I've been more of a snack type eater rather then eating three meals a day. I'm trying my hardest to remind myself to eat and have made some progress. I have started to eat breakfast every morning and at least one other meal during the day, now I just need to focus on fitting a third in somewhere. This can also be difficult due to the shift patterns I work as I'm a nurse and often find I go without a break, therefore either no meal or we end up with lots of tempting treats.

I've decided not to follow a diet plan as I always end up failing. I'm simply going to cut out most junk food with the occasional treat thrown in. I've done slimming world before and although I had good results, I eventually slipped back into old habits- it wasn't sustainable for me. I'm also going to the gym 3/4 times a week and have bought a fitness tracker and aim to do at least 10000 steps a day.

Anyway a bit about me.

Height: 5ft 2inches
Starting weight: 14 stone 10lb
Current weight: 14 stone 1lb
Loss so far: 9lb
Goal weight: 10 stone.

I'm aware that this is going to be a long journey ahead and I have so many events this year to work towards. We have a holiday in September and then I'm a bridemaid in October so these factors shall keep me motivated. I hope to reach my goal weight and then I'll review it at a later date to see if I want to lose more. I honestly can't remember the last time I weighed that amount, probably in my teens.

Anyhow if anyone wants to join me on my journey, feel free!

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Enuffsenuffsenuff Sat 24-Mar-18 08:20:57

You can do it! It sounds like you're being very sensible and have a good idea of what will work for you. Best of luck!!

BollySBK Sat 24-Mar-18 08:25:22

Good luck to you LostDignity, you WILL succeed! Also, you can change your name! You know it won't be easy, anyone who says it is, is daft (or incredibly lucky), but as Enuffs has said, you're being amazingly sensible and I wish you all the luck in the world (from someone who bounces back and forth and knows how you feel!) flowers.

LostDignity Sat 24-Mar-18 16:14:56

So far today looks like this..

Breakfast: 2 crumpets with butter and a banana.

Lunch: Porridge.

Tea: Chicken and bacon wraps.

Snack: Handful of grapes

The first time in a long while that I've ate three meals.

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