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I've just realised how fat I am :(

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MamabigTum Wed 21-Mar-18 21:42:20

Have been in denial.

Had a horrible break up Nov 2016 and lost a lot of weight through pure heartbreak.

Met my new girlfriend in March 2017 and have spent the last year piling on the weight as we both love nights in, takeaway and chocolate.

I'm 5'5 and 16 stone 4.

I guess I was just ignoring it but she took a photo of me today and I was so embarrassed.
Last night I was backing up my phone and saw a photo from Jan 2017, I was so slim. I looked so good and happy and confident. I had a pretty dress on and heels. Now I wear the same 3 fat outfits in rotation.

I need to do something.

I feel so ashamed I've let myself get this way.

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NeverMetACakeIDidntLike Wed 21-Mar-18 22:25:17

Don't beat yourself up @MamabigTum smile

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it to look different, for health reasons, to get fitter etc?

I find it good to focus on why you want to lose weight and the - boring - but you just have to focus on getting there smile

Sounds like you're in a lovely, stable, happy relationship (so your life is much better than when you had your nasty break up) - so don't worry, who can shift the weight if you really want to.

MamabigTum Thu 22-Mar-18 07:22:31


I just want to feel better physically and emotionally. Ive got very little confidence because of the weight and I also am feeling the physical restraonts of being this size.

I can't believe I've allowed myself to get here.

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ScreamingValenta Thu 22-Mar-18 07:33:11

Acknowledging your weight is an important first step - well done for this. 'Contentment weight gain' is a well-known phenomenon when you settle down in a happy relationship.

You now need to look at a healthier way of eating that fits in with your lifestyle and is sustainable. Obviously cutting out unhealthy snacks and takeaways would be a first step. Is there a diet you have followed in the past that worked for you? Perhaps browse the weightloss threads here for inspiration if you're not sure.

As soon as you start losing weight you will feel better and more confident.

Wishing you success.

Timefortea99 Thu 22-Mar-18 07:47:53

Set yourself the challenge of losing a pound at a time. Sounds stupid, but when you want to lose a fair amount of weight, looking at it in its entirety can be daunting. Treat each week as a project, choose one day a week to weigh yourself, and do your best to lose a small amount of weight during that week. Don,t go on drastic diets or exhausting fitness regimes. You need to tweak your diet and move more and take the long term view, it is not a quick fix. I have been losing weight slowly for 15 months by eating two meals a day and walking at least 10,000 steps.I have only lost 30 pounds, with another 14 pounds to go. I have changed the way I view food and treats. I will still have a slice of cake, but usually after a long walk at the weekend. The biggest change is my mindset. I used to go on diets, have a slip, give up, eat more, gain more weight. If I have a higher calorific day if eating I start afresh the next day. I know exactly what you mean about confidence, wearing the same clothes. That was me. Now I feel completely different. More positive, in charge of my ship, more energy. It is tiring being overweight. Losing weight lightens your mental load as well as the physical loss. You can do this. See it as a health thing, you owe it to yourself to be as healthy as you can be.

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