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Homemade bounce ball protein

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rainydogday Tue 20-Mar-18 20:11:46

I love those protein bounce balls especially the peanut ones, but at £2 each snack thinking of trying to make my own. Does anyone have a recipe for such a thing? Thsnks!

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yumyumpoppycat Wed 21-Mar-18 12:53:34

Haven't ever made them but here is one this is from 2013 so prices prob incorrect. I cant believe bounce bars have been around so long. At least you can make them a smidge smaller and save some calories if making your own.

BB were on a good promo in Tesco recently but sadly it has finished. Costco sell a 5 pack at a slightly cheaper price than say amazon.

yumyumpoppycat Wed 21-Mar-18 12:54:58

peanut ones

rainydogday Wed 21-Mar-18 21:30:16

Great! Thsnkyou, I knew someone would know! Off to source some ingredients

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