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VLCD- New You Plan

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tattiehat Tue 20-Mar-18 17:23:51

Hey all....

Anyone else following a vlcd plan? I started New You almost 2 weeks ago, lost 7lbs first week and will weigh again on Friday. Feeling 'in the zone' so hoping to lose 3 stone.

Would love to hear from others on similar plans

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FishesThatFly Thu 25-Oct-18 09:44:06

How have you got on with this diet @tattiehat

tattiehat Thu 25-Oct-18 10:58:43

Well to be perfectly honest I've been yo-yo-ing on it for over a year! Can't seem to stick to a VLCD for more than around a month 😩

I do love the products in comparison to others that I've tried and there are always great deals on

Good luck!

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FishesThatFly Thu 25-Oct-18 15:14:10

Have you lost weight on it though? I have ordered a 2 wk plan so was going to try and see how l feel after 2 weeks

MrsDeanWinchester75 Thu 25-Oct-18 17:17:04

I'm on the Cambridge diet and have lost 13lbs in 3 weeks (17lbs on mine first thing and naked)

It's the only diet that's ever worked for me, I lost 50lbs in 3 months years ago but regained it over 2 pregnancies.

Veganfortheanimals Thu 25-Oct-18 18:34:10

I'm thinking I may have to go down this route 😪 is the devil for me,temptation at every corner..anyone want a buddy ?

tattiehat Thu 25-Oct-18 20:01:06

Yes, lost 13lbs in the first month, it definitely works, just wish I could stick to it for longer 🤭🤭

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FishesThatFly Fri 26-Oct-18 18:00:58

Stuff has arrived today. Feeling nervous about doing it. Bothered about the side effects - brain fog, headaches but most of all feeling faint

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