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Tips to lose weight

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hotstepper4 Sat 17-Mar-18 09:27:13

I'm 5.4 and weigh 10st 8. I'm getting married at the end of May and I already have my dress. I was 10st when I bought it and it looked great however a combination of Christmas, my birthday and an undying love for chocolates and wine I have put on 8lbs. I've downloaded the my fitness pal and it gives me 1200 calories a day which I am sticking to but struggling with feeling hungry. Any tips?

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Singingtherapy Sat 17-Mar-18 13:43:34

When my head's in the right place I can do 1200 calories a day. Generally do 200 for breakfast, 400 for lunch and 600 for dinner. In between I stave off hunger with vlc veg which I actually don't count. Fill a plate with 6 sticks of celery and 10 thick slices of cucumber drizzled with balsamic vinegar, that type of thing.

MikeWyzowski Sat 17-Mar-18 22:19:45

Water, lots of it
Peppermint tea when craving something sweet
Ditto Sula peppermint sweets
Stock up on low cal cheese, yoghurt, etc
Meal plan so you have lean Turkey, hard boiled eggs, etc ready to eat
Lots of veg
If you fall off the wagon just get back on.

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