Stress and overeating

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oopsadaisy77 Sat 17-Mar-18 07:10:16

Hello everyone,

I am seeking support. Also really struggling.

I am a very sensitive soul and work in a stressful environment. Sometimes it's ok but other times the work load is huge as is the responsibility. My colleagues are also under the same pressure and cope with it by being snappy.

I cope with food. I love food, always have.

Now I get up int he morning and start the day with coffee and chocolate. Every day I get in from work, I pick my children up and I stress eat, mainly bread, but the desire to over eat and calm down is huge.

I realise this is fatal, but how do you all cope? I noticed at work others saying when working they go off food, as soon as I start with something I thing I want to munch. When it gets really bad all I can think about it food. I can't go the gym after work, my husband works late and I have children to get ready for bed. Help!

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