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Autumnleaves105 Tue 13-Mar-18 19:42:05

I've been gradually gaining weight over the last few years due to medical problems, medication and pain. But also a massive factor is that I love food, like a drink or 2 and have zero motivation.
I've tried so many times to cut down, exercise etc but it only lasts a few weeks. Even if I only make small changes I lose motivation. If I go big it's the same.
Today I bought my first size 18 dress. I'm mortified.
All my life I've been slim but the last few years I've been getting bigger.
Losing weight will not only help my medical issues but also have the normal health benefits and confidence boost to go with it!
I'm so lost as to how to keep going.

Any words of wisdom would be welcome.

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B1rdonawire Tue 13-Mar-18 21:17:01

When you say you have zero motivation, does that mean to start, or to keep going? I found that eventually something switched inside that made me determined to face up to needing to lose a lot of weight. I am not sure I'd have got very far without that moment of decision...

But of course, then it takes ages and is hard work, and there are days I can't remember why it felt so important to do this! I am getting by on a combo of: accountability - I saw my GP and we agreed a 12 month target so I know I'll be checked up on; small goals - 7lbs at a time is what I try to focus on; drawing a line and starting fresh after any slips, instead of letting it be my excuse to abandon it all completely grin

Are there any things you deeply want to do, that losing weight would help? Maybe that would be a better goal to focus your motivation on?

Honeysuckle2018 Tue 13-Mar-18 21:56:57

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Autumnleaves105 Wed 14-Mar-18 12:34:23

Thank you for your replies!
I think it's a mixture of both when it comes to motivation. I have arthritis which would be a good reason to lose weight but sometimes the pain stops me from exercising. I comfort eat too.
I have found that I'm determined in the beginning and might lose s few pounds, but after a few weeks I lose the determination and the motivation.
I couldn't even lose weight for my wedding and I hate looking at the photos.
I have a young son and he's always on the go.
I don't sleep very well and I'm tired all the time which again puts a stop to me exercising.
Although these reasons seem valid, I can't help think I'm making excuses and giving up too easily.
I know losing weight and being more active will help with energy and general well being. I know the benefits but can't seem to see anything through.
It's so frustrating!
Talking to my doctor might be a good idea.

I'll look in to the tea also smile

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