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Anybody doing the Cambridge Weight Plan?

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Pinotmeanio Tue 13-Mar-18 17:37:50

Joined this week. Have tried slimming world, weight watchers, every diet under the sun. This is my last resort, hoping I can stick to it.. going on holiday in may

Juliecloud Wed 14-Mar-18 20:05:29

I am. How much do you want to lose? I’ve lost 2st this year doing mostly step 2. I didn’t cheat at all for the first 7 weeks. I’ve had a meal out per week in the last couple of weeks and still lost. It can be hard but I’ve also found it very liberating, knowing that i can’t snack on anything. When I’ve done WW in the past, I would always end up eating half my daily points in chocolate.

Alwayscommuting Thu 15-Mar-18 13:45:43

I'm into week two of step 1. Finding it hard but still trucking on.

joeybarnett Thu 15-Mar-18 15:41:00

This might be a bit controversial but I really don't think slimming world, weight watchers or milkshake based diets are that great.

I think regular weigh ins are a baaad idea. Sometimes it takes a while to see results and when you don't see them on the scales, it can make you feel rubbish and more likely to stop trying or give in to that takeaway.

I was obese and have lost 5 stone but this was done over a few years. Some came of gradually, some came off quickly but I have gone from 13 stone + to 8 stone 6. More importantly I have maintained this.

In the early stages of starting to lose weight, I tried all those diets under the sun but I didn't actually start losing until I was eating.

Eating normal amounts - just healthy food!

Healthy meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. No snacking. Stepping up exercise to help. I do however believe 90% of it comes down to diet - it does for me anyway!

For me the best way of losing weight was changing my lifestyle and eating. It never felt like a diet. I got on with life and saw the results later down the line.

It is different for everyone though and I'm not denying slimming world and weight watchers hasn't worked for people because it obviously has.

I have a friend who is currently doing the Cambridge Diet and she is doing ok but I just feel that these diets are a quick fix and that once you come off them, you are unlikely to maintain what you have lost.

It's your eating patterns and habits that have to change and unfortunately no quick fix can help that.

That is what I have learnt anyway :-)

However if its for your holiday then I think doing the cambridge diet should definitely work if you follow it through. It's just cutting down you calorie intake so you will definitely see results!

Juliecloud Thu 15-Mar-18 17:35:30

I do agree with what you are saying but doing the Cambridge diet has completely changed my eating habits. I have stopped snacking between meals completely. Any diet I’ve tried in the past, I still snacked, even if it was just on fruit. I’ve refused biscuits at fridnds’ houses if they’ve offered them to me. I’ve never that before. Doing this diet has shown me that I can change my habits.

Pinotmeanio Thu 15-Mar-18 20:59:06

Thanks so much for your replies. My eating habits have just got ridiculously out of hand so for me, I felt like quite a 'strict' diet in terms of planned meals etc and just 3 meals a day is what I need to get back to normality. I'm finding it okay so far.. Julie are you doing 3 products or 4? I'm doing 3 and having a low calorie dinner of either chicken salad or chicken and veg.. worrying I'm probably over the 200 calories though! Also have had a couple of Coke zeros which I know you're not meant to but it's better than Diet Coke apparently and I am literally addicted to that!

Pinotmeanio Thu 15-Mar-18 21:00:22

Sorry Julie forgot to add, I would like to lose 3 stone (I'd still be overweight) .. long term 5 stone off would be a dream.

Juliecloud Fri 16-Mar-18 00:00:46

When I started, I thought I would only do it for a few weeks cos I couldn’t imagine myself being able to stick to it for so long. However it’s definitely got easier as time has gone on. I’ve done mostly 3 products with one meal a day.

Juliecloud Sun 01-Apr-18 21:30:18

How are you getting on?

Howdydoodyfolks Sat 14-Apr-18 18:25:45

How is it going Pinotmeanio?

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