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Too fat for Frankie's?

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iamlosingweight Wed 07-Mar-18 13:37:46

Ok, a cry for help, here,

I've only just plucked up courage to write this… but on Saturday night I nearly got stuck in a booth at a restaurant. This is so embarrassing. There are just five of us from my NCT and we meet at Frankie & Benny's. I know, classy girls - we started it as a big blow out back when we needed it most. But now they've all got their figures back… and I don't.

Anyway… I got there first so slid into the booth. But a couple of wine later I needed out and the effort to slide across felt so much worse. A not very dignified shuffle. And then just as I pulled myself out I knocked over a glass. blush It was only water but that was it. I've got to lose this tummy. And the rest.

I want a program I can follow - so I looked at Wicks 90 day and Yan plan but they are not cheap. Are they worth it?? There's one called the Diet Groove. It does a book and a program. Can anyone help?

What do you recommend??

Thank youuuu
Fattie at Benny's

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