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JimHopper Tue 06-Mar-18 09:06:41


Have name changed. Just wanted to know if anyone has had a bypass and I would be grateful if they could share their experience of it.

My surgery is booked in and to be honest I am nervous but excited.

I appreciate that this is a sensitive topic, but I would be grateful if people could speak of personal experiences - not third party ones. I am also not interested in alternative weight loss advice. I wouldn't be where I am now if I hadn't tried everything else.


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JimHopper Tue 06-Mar-18 17:45:55


Name aside I am female but a hopper fan.

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Yumyumpigs Tue 06-Mar-18 18:33:41

Hey there Jim. I've just had one! I'm a week post surgery. If you want to talk you can message me if you like.

When's your surgery scheduled?

Yumyumpigs Wed 07-Mar-18 10:23:52

Hey @jimhopper Just in case you hadn't checked back 😁

JimHopper Wed 07-Mar-18 13:57:50

Hi so sorry. I am on my phone and don't know how to do a PM from the app. Will try the do so when I get on the website.

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Yumyumpigs Thu 08-Mar-18 08:39:08

That's ok. We can chat here too! 😁 all going well though

Magpiemagpie Sat 17-Mar-18 23:08:53

I've had a Sleave so while not the same sort of similar

pieceofpurplesky Sat 17-Mar-18 23:10:01

I am thinking of it. How will it change my life.

user1471464702 Fri 23-Mar-18 00:46:00

I had surgery last weekend - gastric sleeve , should have done it years ago - very speedy recovery pm if want to know specifics

GuildedLily Sat 24-Mar-18 23:04:03

Hi I hope it is OK if I join in. I am thinking of having a a consultation this week. I am really scared about it but at the point now where really there is nothing else I can try. Any feedback/ideas would be really gratefully received

breathlessmahoney Sun 25-Mar-18 00:09:49

Hi everyone - the sleeve is great and doesn't take as long to adjust to, as one might think - I had surgery 8 days ago and bruises already going down from five keyhole sites in my torso - the gastric band is reversible but this is done under sedation @ 5K, and has to be topped up regularly to remain active, you also have to go through this sedation to have it removed as well (and other fee for this removal -) the sleeve is more expensive 8-10k but permanent and will loose up to 70% of body weight - gastric band 50-60% over two years uk prices - Europe, Poland, Hungary can be as low as 4-5k.

Being overweight can be for many reasons, not just what we eat, do we exercise? are we lazy? but also because of strong genetic and biological reasons too - some people, me being one of them damaged my body by constant dieting and my body was struggling to loose even when everyone who knew me could see I never really ate much and were baffled - the consultant told me that there are many reasons for obesity and surgery is a great option and life changing - you will hear your stomach rumbling but will have no hunger pains and the hunger hormone is also removed too with the sleeve - I am dreaming about food which is mental but my body is slowly adjusting to a new way of living - good luck on your journey it's not as scary as you think.....I am beginning to have smoothies and soup but slowly slowly ....

GuildedLily Sun 25-Mar-18 03:06:17

breathlessmahoney...i'm so glad the op went well for you. Can I ask, how long were you in hospital, and when you got out, how were you? I have a 3 year old, so I'm concerned about how being away will affect them and also how much I'll be able to do when I get back.

user1471464702 Sun 25-Mar-18 13:25:00

Hi this address is bm too - in hospital two nights and feeling okay after one week - bypass maybe 3 nights, gastric band one. If u are in your twenties or thirties I think you will feel great after 4 days - knowing the actual surgeon is great and they do the surgery I.e not a student or trainee. Good luck

kittensinmydinner1 Sun 25-Mar-18 14:34:00

If you want a really good idea of the benefits of Gastric Bypass , and the science behind it, have a look at YouTube and Professor Rachel Batterhams investigation into the NHS and Weight loss surgery.
The ignorance- and prejudice against the procedure , perpetrated by people who know nothing about it except biased, ignorant guess work - for what is scientifically PROVEN to be the ONLY long term sustainable treatment for obesity- is frankly shameful.
She even takes on the daily mail columnist Amanda Platell.. and changes her mind.

It works OP.
There are always going to be stories of people having problems post surgery but the post op issues for bypass are less than for tonsillectomy - and Obesity is a killer. This surgery saves lives and should be much much more widely available as it would save the NHS a fortune in the associated cost of treating the problems that come about through obesity.

Sunflowersforever Sun 25-Mar-18 21:01:00

Place marking

GuildedLily Sun 25-Mar-18 22:55:50

@kittensinmydinner1 I have just watched the documentary you recommended above. Thank you so much. It was brilliant.

kittensinmydinner1 Mon 26-Mar-18 08:20:54

It is isn't it ? I came across it by accident and it has convinced me that it is, NOT a shameful , lazy 'way out' of obesity. As perpetrated by those who are convinced that weight loss surgery is some kind of 'easy option' - but in fact, the sensible thing to do if you are obese.
Not only does it have a huge benefit your own health (T2 diabetes cured in 85% of cases) but pays for itself in two years of treatment of obesity. So saves NHS a fortune.
So much misinformation and prejudice!

JimHopper Mon 26-Mar-18 12:36:01


So glad to read that the thread has grown. I am 6 days out of surgery and currently have no regrets. If anyone has any questions just PM or ask openly.

So glad I had the bypass.

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AnythingConsidered Mon 26-Mar-18 12:45:29

I am booked for bypass mid-April.
How are you feeling Jim Hopper? What has your recovery been like?

JimHopper Mon 26-Mar-18 13:05:12

Recovery is ok. You can't eat much at all but you lose all appetite anyway. I am really struggling with the trapped wind. Some people get over that pretty quickly but I am really bloated.

Compared to the c-section it is a walk in the park.

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notapizzaeater Mon 26-Mar-18 13:30:48

My health insurance covers 80% of the cost and I can apply from July .... am watching with interest

Sunflowersforever Wed 28-Mar-18 01:39:34

Asking s question that some may or may not be able to answer. Has having surgery affected any medication you take? Does your medication still work if absorption is so reduced?

user1471464702 Wed 28-Mar-18 07:21:42

Medication needs to be ground to a powder, patches, liquid or injections -

Sunflowersforever Wed 28-Mar-18 09:05:18

Wow. I take an antidepressant and concerned surgery will impact on its effectiveness. Sounds like it might.

breathlessmahoney Wed 28-Mar-18 09:38:14

you'll be fine as so do I smile

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