Discipline .. how??????

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Annabelle4 Mon 05-Mar-18 17:28:25

I've never heard of Cambridge, but 800 calories a day is not sustainable - you'll feel starving, think of nothing else but food and likely to binge eat.

Logging what you eat into MFP and giving yourself a daily allowance of say, 1500 calories per day (depending on your height & activity levels) is far more realistic and the weight will still come off

Strawberry2017 Mon 05-Mar-18 17:13:54

The Cambridge diet is the worse diet to follow. You need to follow one where you actually eat meals and have options for treats like slimming world or weight watchers.
You might lose quickly on Cambridge but as soon as you start eating normally again the Weight will pile back on.
SW and WW are more about portion control and calories and you have flexibility on them.
Much easier to have discipline when your not restricting everything nice in the world.

Liz38 Mon 05-Mar-18 14:59:07

I find it really hard too! What works for me is 1. Having no choice. I make a rule and then I can stick with it. It's when doubt or decisions creep in that I make bad choices. 2. Focusing on why and on what I want to achieve (trying to forget how damn much it will hurt getting there! ) and 3. Celebrate every little win. Every day when you've stuck to it is a win. Don't just focus on the numbers on the scales because they have other factors controlling them. Focus on what you can control -what you eat and how much exercise you do - and be pleased when you achieve those aims.

But 800 calories a day? I'd be eating my own toenails. Respect.

AnnieHoo Mon 05-Mar-18 14:54:35

How can I find the discipline to lose weight? I want to be slim but I'm putting on weight due to desk job, medication, husband eats and drinks loads, social life... it's so hard being discipline every day trying to stick to 800 Calories with Cambridge plan but I feel so hard done by it makes me want to go off the rails completely and eat whatever I like..... it sounds pathetic written down.... just need to work at it day by day I suppose

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