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British Military Fitness

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TheLegendOfBeans Mon 05-Mar-18 14:28:06

Two babies in three years has left me with a core in tatters, rubbish posture, aches and pains and general lethargy leading to bad habits.

I would like to have two more babies by 2021 but have been told to get into peak physical nick before another pregnancy by my postnatal examiner and midwife.


I would like to start BMF. It seems to do as it says on the tin and takes place near me. Every time I see the classes out though it's chocka with muscly things in their twenties and no slightly rotund carthorses like me.

Anyone else done this after babies and what does it involve? It's been a LONG time since I've been put through my paces....

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TheLegendOfBeans Mon 05-Mar-18 15:43:29


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ArkAtEee Mon 05-Mar-18 17:09:15

I've done it. It was harder than the bootcamp I go to regularly, but adaptable for the less fit. The instructors were encouraging, not sargent-major types. They run social events too. You can usually do a free trial session, give it a go.

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