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Why am I not losing weight (and my DH is)?

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lucydogz Mon 05-Mar-18 09:55:28

For Lent, I've gone vegetarian, and teetotal. To be frank, it's not a problem, as I love vegetarian food. Our meals are based on pulses and beans (are they seperate catagories?). I have lost no weight at all. My dh, who is slim, has lost a stone. Which isn't surprising on one level, as he's going to the loo a lot. And I'm not.
Why hasn't it made any difference to me? Do people have different reactions to this kind of diet?

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Shen0102 Mon 05-Mar-18 10:07:44

If you eat a 1000 apples a day you'll still put on weight so it's not about being vegetarian. Stick to the diet but look at portion control. Beans and nuts have a lot of calories.

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